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These airlines will waive fees for flights impacted by Hurricane Florence

ATLANTA, Ga. - As the East Coast braces for Hurricane Florence to hit Thursday, several airlines have issued travel advisories. Hurricane Florence is currently projected to hit the Carolinas as a Category 4 storm, according to Severe Weather Team 2. ( More...

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Any update on this re updated Florence forecasts and potential impacts on air-traffic at Atlanta-Hartsfield?

jeroberts88 1
Yes there is an update. The airlines listed have raised all fares in other flights to pay for the waived fees lost because of the storm. Be sure you will pay for this in additional baggage fees. That is all.
JEROBERTS88..why the "snarky" remark? the other person who commented had a real question...
jeroberts88 1
What job do you do at the airline?
Rich Krentz 1
Baggage fees which are a good percentage of your fare won't be removed. The airlines are so paranoid that they think they will lose too much money Only rebooking fees will be stopped for a very short time. This way you'll still bee paying for your fare and bags. Are they serious?
the airlines always do this courtesy for travellers as a matter of good business and customer would expect nothing less as the flights are cancelled in and out of areas affected by the storm anyway..


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