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Pilot buzzes beach goers and houses, ditches plane at coast guard base, flees

Pilot performs various illegal low altitude maneuvers over houses and beach goers, ditches plane at coast guard base, flees. Pictures and videos contained in the article. ( さらに...

Jet Airways agrees to take 75 more 737 Max aircraft

India's Jet Airways has disclosed that it is purchasing 75 additional Boeing 737 Max jets. ( さらに...

Troubled Etihad Airways To Send Pilots To Fly For Emirates

Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways confirmed over the weekend an extension of an agreement with its competitor, the Dubai-based Emirates, allowing its pilots to transfer over to Dubai for as long as two years. According to an internal memo from Etihad, its pilots can now fly for Emirates and receive full benefits and salaries but would have to take a leave of absence from Etihad. The pilots who transfer over will retain their seniority at Etihad. ( さらに...

Two dead in plane crash near Detroit City Airport

WDIV-TV Channel 4 Detroit reports that 2 people were killed after the crash of a small airplane near Detroit City Airport. The Detroit Free Press reports that the airplane was a Cessna 210. "The Federal Aviation Administration said initial reports are that three people were aboard the Cessna 210 that crashed near Coleman A. Young International Airport and was destroyed by fire, spokesman Lynn Lunsford." ( さらに...

Airbus opens fourth A320 Family production line in Hamburg

New standard in scanning and automation, driving efficiency. One of the biggest responsible for increasing Airbus' production in the single-aisle segment... ( さらに...

Two dead in plane crash in Monmouth

At about 11:10 AM an aircraft was reported to have crashed approximately one half mile north east of the Monmouth Airport. Witnesses directed first responders to a brush area where a fire crew extinguished the burning aircraft. Two persons were located on board the plane and were declared dead at the scene by the Warren County Coroner. No one on the ground was injured. The matter was referred to the Federal Aviation Administration for investigation. ( さらに...

UAL JFK Operations 6/24/18

UAL Irregular Operations JFK (Charter) 6/24/18. I wish I could have been at JFK to see this one!!! I believe this is the first United flight to fly into JFK since UA stopped operations there. It would be unusual enough just to see a one of their aircraft at Kennedy never mind a B753!!! ( さらに...

American Airlines President: “We Won't Make Things Better For Passengers Unless We Can Make a Profit Out of It”

You're not a customer. You're a profit center. And American thinks you need more Basic Economy seats. ( さらに...


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