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Wells Fargo Sues American Airlines for Not Returning Leased Planes On Time

Wells Fargo filed a lawsuit Monday against American Airlines alleging the airline violated leasing contracts by not returning three planes on time. The bank leased American three Boeing aircraft during the fall of 2017 which were returned 49, 45 and two days late, according to the lawsuit. ( さらに...

Nippon Cargo Airlines Suspends Flights Due to Maintenance Discrepancies

Nippon Cargo Airlines, also known as NCA, has announced that it will be suspending all departures from Tokyo as of June 16 and will be suspending all operations from June 17. The decision comes after inconsistencies were found regarding the application of lubricating oil to one of their Boeing 747-8Fs in early April. ( さらに...

The first Boeing 777 goes to museum

Hong Kong - The first Boeing "Triple Seven" WA001 goes to the museum after 24 years of service. The aircraft built in 1994 belonged to the passenger fleet of Cathay Pacific since 2000. ( さらに...

American Airlines Suffers the Latest Airline IT Meltdown

Within the span of a month during the summer of 2016, two of the top four U.S. airlines suffered crippling IT failures. Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) and Southwest Airlines (NYSE:LUV) were each forced to cancel thousands of flights during the peak season, leading to lost revenue and reputational damage. ( さらに...

COMAC suspends flight tests for C919

Beijing - The Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC has suspended the flight tests of its single-aisle C919 for three months. The certification remains planned for 2020 the manufacturer says. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) announced the suspension of C919 tests for modifications, including flaps and empennage. ( さらに...

Bombardier et Delta signent un contrat de près d'un milliard US.

Bombardier Avions commerciaux a annoncé mercredi la vente de 20 biréacteurs régionaux CRJ900 au transporteur aérien américain Delta Air Lines. La valeur du contrat est épinglée à environ 961 millions de dollars US. Delta Air Lines devient ainsi l'exploitant de lancement de la nouvelle cabine Atmosphère pour les biréacteurs régionaux de la CRJ Series. ( さらに...

Norwegian CEO Kjos Won’t Block Sale of His Airline

Norwegian Air Shuttle chief executive Bjorn Kjos will “likely” sell his stake in the Oslo-based low-cost airline he founded if other shareholders decide to do so, he told AIN on the sidelines of the ACI Europe and World general assembly in Brussels Tuesday. Kjos declined to comment on the progress of any ongoing negotiations or the identity of any suitors, however. ( さらに...

Norwegian Air Argentina Signs First Airport Agreement In Cordoba

Norwegian’s South American subsidiary, Norwegian Air Argentina, has signed an agreement with the Government of Cordoba to establish a base of operations at the Ambrosio Taravella International Airport. ( さらに...


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