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JAL Moves Away From Flagship Boeing 777s In Favor Of Airbus A350s

The fleet of Japan Airlines (JAL) is set to undergo an interesting transformation in the coming years. While the Japanese flag carrier currently considers the Boeing 777 to be its flagship aircraft, it will shift its focus toward the Airbus A350 by the middle of the decade. It stands to benefit from increased fuel efficiency as a result of this change. (simpleflying.com) さらに...

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American Airlines extends 9 prime leisure routes, increasing summer vacation options

Long live the summer at American Airlines. Over the weekend, the Fort Worth-based carrier extended the season for a slew of leisure-focused routes, giving travelers more time to explore some of the country’s top outdoor destinations. (thepointsguy.com) さらに...

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American Airlines Hosts Pizza Party On ERJ-175 Following Diversion

On Tuesday, an American Eagle service was heading to Charlotte, North Carolina from Key West, Florida, when it was forced to divert to Charleston, South Carolina, due to severe thunderstorms. The Embraer ERJ-175 had taken off 40 minutes late and then spent hours sitting at Charleston. However, to cheer up the passengers, the captain ordered pizza for everyone on the aircraft. (simpleflying.com) さらに...

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US, Canadian pilots unions clash over Cargojet and fatigue rules

The Air Line Pilots Association doesn't like how Cargojet is handling hours-of-service. Unifor doesn't like ALPA's meddling in its territory. (www.freightwaves.com) さらに...

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Airbus, Boeing and Embraer delivered a total of 213 aircraft in the First Quarter of 2021 (1Q2021)

With vaccination underway around the world to combat the pandemic, the aviation industry is expected to see 2021 as a year of recovery for the three largest commercial aircraft manufacturers... (cmsherbert.blogspot.com) さらに...


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