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This is a 200. A Boeing B-722.

Written on 2021年11月29日 by jbermo

You can land gear up and not have to replace the props in a C47, if you do it exactly right. But I still would have AC47 for this machine when I was working targets in Nam.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Earl Kramer

Arriving from Burbank (KBUR).

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Gary Schenauer

That looks more like an Arrow than a Dakota.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Michael Gower

White tubes on the skids would be "pop out" floats i believe

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Ron Fletcher

Thank you Derek !!

Written on 2021年11月28日 by JM32

Killer shot John

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Derek Marshall

Thanks, that photo was taken on a chilly day about 2 weeks ago.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by c130aj

VA-144 A4C BuNo 149532 operating as War Paint 312 was upgraded to an A4L, refurbished by the Naval Air Museum, and is on loan to the Castle Air Museum in California in the markings of VA-204. In the 1966-67 deployment cruise book for USS Kitty Hawk CVA-63 VA-144 made all their personnel pictures in front of 149532.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Don Fitzgerald

😁😁 Good photo taken with rich colors too!

Written on 2021年11月28日 by xrecovery xrecovery

I know biz

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Jeong Hyun Baek

Good Camera anyway, nice detail

Written on 2021年11月28日 by William Crooker

Not a 747-200. Photo doesn’t look real

Written on 2021年11月28日 by bizprop

Looks like this might have been one of Buffalo Airways Lockheed’s L-188 aircraft. Based in Yellowknife Northwest Territories Canada. They had a TV show called Ice Pilots NWT. Joe McBryan was President of the company. The TV show was showing the everyday operations of the company and how hard it was to operate in the very cold conditions in the NWT of Canada. They also operated the Canadair CL-215 Water bomber aka (Scooper). This was a great show to watch. Because they operated Vintage aircraft such as DC-3’s – Douglas C-54’s /DC-4 – Curtis Wright C-46 Commando – and a Canso PBY-5. All great aircraft of its time.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by William Johnson

Severebluesky, thank you for the correction.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Nelson Rodrigues

thank you very much Chris Croft, i was lucky to catch some excellent sunset light.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Nelson Rodrigues

Thank you Kevin LaVasseur.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Nelson Rodrigues

Thank you all for your kind words. It's harder for me to take pictures at night of dark planes than light planes, without tripod and hanging behind a grid. But I think it worked out well. Thank you.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Nelson Rodrigues

I wish we would have had these in Nam. Although the A-1 wasn't bad.

Written on 2021年11月28日 by Bob Edwards

Souvenir de notre retour JFK/CDG Mai 2017.
Très bel oiseau, dommage qu'il n'est plus.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Sylvain HUBERT

One of the nicest passenger jetsbI ever flew on.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by k skaas

Nice plane if you don’t
Amin’s your teeth rattling from the vibrations. Hope those still around have no live passengers,

Written on 2021年11月27日 by k skaas

These things are usually back in the air roughly 20 minutes after touchdown from the previous mission. That includes taxiing and refilling, and usually the tank is filled in roughly 12 minutes. It is a lot slower pumping retardant through hoses into a tanker than scooping it through a lake like a CL-415 would. (This is info I got from the crews of T02 and from my experience watching tankers in and out of my local airport.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Conner Rocha

Flying on the Eastern Airlines Shuttle between New York and Boston in the 60s was interesting, especially when the stewardess rolled the cash register down the aisle to collect the fares in flight.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Ned Griffin

Cousins! ;)

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

Made in 1994 for EVA Airways.
Great photo!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

WOW! This photo looks like the kind that would be blown up and framed at UPS headquarters! :) Great capture!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

I love the 737 "finch-beak" :)

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

Built in 1978 for PanAm! It is now used for research purposes at the FAA.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

thank you Dicky, will do my best!!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Uwe Zinke

Blast from the past! The old girl has been mothballed since '14 :(
Here's a great video of this aircraft (in Delta livery) landing at Nagoya on one of its last service flights:

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

Beautiful Arizona sky!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

Not many of these Baby-Boeings left in Alaska's fleet!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

Love the Delta 17s!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

Is this cheating? ;) Cool photo!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

Such a fun airplane! I've had the thrill of riding co-pilot. True aviator skill on full display!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

The old girl is currently being stored; hopefully she'll fly again one day!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

-S L E E K- !

Written on 2021年11月27日 by HowSwedeitis

The use of the "O" in the Volaris title to highlight the Ghostbuster symbol is quite ingenious.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Gary Schenauer

It is great to see #08 (N926TA) back in service. It was substantially damaged in a landing accident at KRTS (Reno Stead Airport) in August of 2020.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Gary Schenauer

Still remember this plane as I flew a Braniff Electra to Air Force Basic Training at what was then Lackland Air Force Base. Flying to USAF basic training was not a flight one forgets.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Jerry Madero

Only 20 were built according to….

Specs for Gipsy-engined version….

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Peter Fuller

Looks like Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s airplane.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by John Gleske

Back in the early to mid-80's working as a salesman for Mercury Aviation at Cuyahoga County Airport (CGF) in Ohio. I took Island Airlines Ford Trimotor aka (Tin Goose) based at Griffing Sandusky Airport Ohio in trade for a new Cessna 303 Crusader. Island Airlines had used the aircraft for Island hopping on Lake Erie. We had sold the Trimotor to a customer in Newark Ohio where he gave passenger rides. Then he moved it to Florida where he continued to give rides. If my memory serves me right a heavy Thunderstorm came along and did some serious damage where it had to be rebuilt for the second time. I did have a chance to fly it from the co-pilots seat when we took it in trade. What a great old aircraft. It had Wicker chairs old velvet cloth interior. A true passenger aircraft of its day. What a great day that was to have had a chance to fly this old Bird.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by William Johnson

Hi , good luck 👍

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Hanine Lalaoui

Hi , good luck 👍

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Hanine Lalaoui

That's a lot of prop for a little itty bitty airplane!

Written on 2021年11月27日 by themold

There is no successor for exceptionally good planes. They may be better but generally are worse.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Tomer Ariav

@chugheset ...those "tubes" look like inflatables to me...maybe emergency water landing?

Written on 2021年11月27日 by Jay Powell

Fantastic airplane... it still have years ahead before getting a successor.

Written on 2021年11月27日 by serge LOTH

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