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Beau cadrage.

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Pierre Cantin

Nice shot of KDFW

Written on 2017年07月21日 by 96flstc

military version of DC-4 and not a C182 (!) as type popped up inexplicably

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Philippe-Joseph Salazar

Thank you!

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Ron Harper

Piper PA-18 on floats with a Lycoming O-320 engine.

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Paul Wisgerhof

nice picture!

Written on 2017年07月21日 by wbaumann

Superb pic, but that's an incredible angle for a B747-8 to be climbing out at, with a full complement of pax and fuel. Are you sure you haven't cropped it a tad to skew it up like that? Nice effect nevertheless!

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Alan Hume

Just goes to show how big the F-35 really is! I thought it was in the foreground of the pic until I noticed the tail of the P51 Mustang overlapping it. Wow! Still it has to be big to accommodate all those internal munitions, fuel tanks and advanced technology capability I guess.

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Alan Hume

See also the nice pictures :

The thunderbirds are usually at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.
Fo the pigeon, we know;

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Luc Barbier

Très belle photo.

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Christian GUILLARD

Another great photo and thank you for the informative comment. That deserves a another 5 from me.

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Leon Kay

Great photo. This deserves a 5 with the complete feedback about the plane and conditions

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Leon Kay

Ron... thanks for sharing this one with us!

A *F*I*V*E* star photo!!!

Written on 2017年07月21日 by cliff731

Superbe et rare !
Instant exceptionnel car le survol à basse altitude de Paris et de Notre-Dame sont en principe interdits. Sauf bien sûr, pour ce défilé du 14 juillet, où l'USAF et le président Américain étaient invités.

Written on 2017年07月21日 by Thierry DAVROUX

Great pic but I don't think that's a pigeon

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Ian Parker


Written on 2017年07月20日 by Guido Warnecke

Just saw it today at kthv

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Eric Anstine

Every plane spotter would be too embarrassed to upload this.

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Guido Warnecke

Brings back memories!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Candace Sherchan

A ride in an old Stearman, with my Godfather, 60 years ago, was responsible for my getting my ASEL 7 years later.
I'll never forget that flight. This brings up wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing your picture!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Candace Sherchan

Just as a note, the aircraft is an AN74-100. It went into service in 2011.

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Alan Brown

Spectacular paint job on a beautiful classically styled plane. Thanks for sharing.

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Candace Sherchan

Thanks for posting the picture. What a great duster!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Candace Sherchan

Allan... that's a pity... this aircraft should be preserved for future generations... just saying!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by cliff731

Your right Cliff.... its days are NUMBERED...!!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Allan Hickman


Written on 2017年07月20日 by Tomás Del Coro

Sorry... wrong aircraft. Aircraft pictured is 405LM not 450LM

Written on 2017年07月20日 by SHAWNBBARON


Written on 2017年07月20日 by gretnabear


Written on 2017年07月20日 by Alvaro Molina

Linda foto del verano Curtiss

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Alvaro Molina


Written on 2017年07月20日 by Guido Warnecke

now we have another contributor who uploads tons of bad photos on to the flightaware site...

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Guido Warnecke

danke Olli!!
das sind die Momente die ich liebe!!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Uwe Zinke

Airport code where this was taken was D52 not KGEE

Written on 2017年07月20日 by sam kuminecz

Looks like riccardo van puttkammer's work from geneseo. What's the airport code KGEE for some of your photos? Not geneseo NY where this was taken

Written on 2017年07月20日 by sam kuminecz

Klasse Uwe

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Oliver Holzbauer


Written on 2017年07月20日 by kim2848

Thank you again, Sam.

Thank you, Gary for your sage advice and words.

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Scot Wattawa

Alas, poor "Pinky" doesn't have too much longer to live... :-(

Written on 2017年07月20日 by cliff731

" PINKY " to be scrapped at the end of JULY....

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Allan Hickman

That's a BIG crosswind...116 knots!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by CHRIS ROBEY

A rare bird nowadays, even for the Greek AF. Thanks for the shot Allan!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by CHRIS ROBEY

YSWG is Wagga. ;) I think you meant YWOL.

Great shot though!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Robert Myers

Agreed Gary. Everyone has their own perspective on what's a 5 star photo. It's art remember. If YOU didn't like the shot you would have never posted it. I admire your work and keep it up.

Written on 2017年07月20日 by sam kuminecz

Is that the emergency landing on the Long Island Motorway?
Quite an impressive landing!

Written on 2017年07月20日 by Yusef Elnahas

Howdy again, Scot. As Sam has already said, the important stat is the number of Views. Every aviation agency I deal with is interested in just one stat ... how many Views the photos are getting. One airline agent told me, "Everyone in aviation marketing knows how photograph ratings on open-to-the-public websites can be manipulated by unscrupulous viewers." She said, "An angry spouse, a ten-year-old child, or, most often, a lousy photographer who is jealous of another photographer for any number of reasons can easily skew the rating." (NM, AP and LP do exactly that here in my area.) But then she told me, "Just remember, in order for a person to vote on a photo, the person MUST "view" it ... and every View adds to the View total ... and (she emphasized) THAT is what we are interested in." Your clicks are always *****, Scot. Your View totals are the proof. Thanx for sharing them and please keep 'em coming. (Tip of my spotter's cap to you.)

Written on 2017年07月19日 by Gary Schenauer

I'll look into it. My friend is a FA for WL and claimed that was the bird from BUF- BWI

Written on 2017年07月19日 by sam kuminecz


Written on 2017年07月19日 by gretnabear

Do you know Matt Cochran?

Written on 2017年07月19日 by Grant Bush

Later model Merlin 3C (SA226T). Huge range with 4300 pounds fuel capacity. 7PSI Pressurization Differential gives a very comfortable low Cabin Altitude in cruise.

Written on 2017年07月19日 by CHRIS ROBEY

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