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Dwight... I'm seeing N747RR on the tail of this one. Of course, as you know, it's a 1994 Beechjet 400A... sometimes concurrently referred to as a Hawker 400 and/or Raytheon 400, a derivative of the Mitsubishi designed Diamond jet. It's good enough that the U.S.A.F. operates a variant known as the T-1 Jayhawk.

I don't believe N747RP is a current assigned FAA registration number.

It's a very nice photo... thanks for sharing with us!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by cliff731

Awesome shot Tomas!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Brian Carlin

This photo was taken from the Exec 1 FBO's main hanger on top of the stairs leading to the main conference room.

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Dwight Hartje

Sooo, what are they used for? See them come through YYZ sometimes.

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Mark Thomas

Excellent timing on this shot!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Dwight Hartje

Stunning shot! Really good lighting on this unique livery!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Dwight Hartje

This C-146A Wolfhound certainly looks "dipped"... or perhaps one might think of this as camouflage to make it appear "civilian". I wonder if the flight crew members are likewise "in mufti" when flying this airplane?

Written on 2017年05月27日 by cliff731

Nice catch!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Mark Thomas

Thank you Richard. Spotting has been full of surprises lately. Thanks for your info on the aircraft type; it helped me to correct the registration.

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Brian Carlin

Is this the freight outfit that hauls auto parts in from Mexico, or am I thinking of another company?

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Jim Quinn

Thanks David!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Maria Bruscha


Written on 2017年05月27日 by John Muir

Dramatic shot....Love it!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by David Gay

Gran recuerdo de un gran dia
Buena foto ¡¡¡¡

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Vlado

Que buenas fotos tienes
Un abrazo

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Vlado

Thanks everyone!! I knew I had gotten a shot with the TXANG UH-60 in the back ground, but I never thought it would be near as cool as it was..

Written on 2017年05月27日 by John Hodges

Wow, that's a moldy oldie.

Written on 2017年05月27日 by chinaninearea51

look at my wenus

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Mitchell Parron

Ooh, I see a new Air Canada plane in the distance! : ) Great shot Jakub!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Mark Thomas

Amazing plane, just received its position near Liege (Belgium)

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Albert Argilaga Claramunt


Written on 2017年05月27日 by Joao Helio Wohlers

I never had the privilege of flying the DC9 (not enough seniority at the time in my company). Closest I got was the Fokker F28. But it has always impressed me that, prior to the fifteen foot fuselage stretch into the dash 30, the early Nines achieved good airfield performance without leading edge slats...this is a beautiful shot of a real classic!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by CHRIS ROBEY

I wonder who gets the job of tethering all 4 of those massive eight bladed props, to bed her down for the night when they are away from home base? It can be tricky to do, even with the free turbine twin PT6A powered Kingair...

Written on 2017年05月27日 by CHRIS ROBEY

Nice shot of the classic C340 cockpit too! Updated with the vertically mounted standby magnetic compass. Beautiful...

Written on 2017年05月27日 by CHRIS ROBEY

Very nice!

Written on 2017年05月27日 by Tom Pree

Ok thanks for the info.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Chris Collinsworth

It's Actually a 777-300ER, Good Shot!

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Will Hagen

One of my favorite planes. And my FAVORITE "Side Winders".
An excellent shot.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Peter Maas

Nice ops at MDPC FBO with N950PC
Thanks for shere your business with us.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by SANTIAGO DE LA PAZ

One of my favorite every-so-often visitors to RDU! Looking good for a 50-year-old. Originally Continental.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Savannah Ford

Chris, you need to get rid of the date stamp, center the aircraft and fix the colors/exposure etc.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Jakub Wil

The probe fooled me too. It's right where you would expect to see the tail, but it's not. Thanks for clearing that up.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Chuck Pergiel

Oh Dear, Thank you Baldwin. You just served the purpose of a good cause this page was created. While those couple of others here made derogatory comments despite having zero knowledge about what is the issue that is being brought into focus,you made that big difference. I do not want to write the details of actions on these criminals, it's been going on for so long they must be dealt with severe legal punishment besides loosing pilot credentials and loosing their business must go to jail. I have enough evidence that they are not on their own, they are supported by some agency which I am still trying to find out. Any inputs like yours, any ideas and pertinent information will be greatly appreciated, that is exactly why I sought out place like Flghtaware, it helps me to track them from their take off till they land, thanks to Flightaware and other sites that provide these information!!.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by RguHeli Hunter

C-146A Wolfhound, nice catch!

Written on 2017年05月26日 by rwb2112

Hi Gary. Very nice and interesting photo with a neat personal story.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Gary Mailander

Nice shot John! It's good to have the background about the stamp too.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Brian Carlin

Aviation as art!

Written on 2017年05月26日 by BigAlOutWest

Very unique and different.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Andre Blanchard

R.I.P. Michael R. Murphy in the Fatal Crash on May 25, 2017. N62UP seems to be destroyed.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Isaac Stebleton

T/O flaps, amount determined by aircraft weight, runway length, airport density altitude. Can actually be 0 flaps but with slats. Slats are usually the first part of any flaps extension.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Jim Smirh

That's right Jerome, the only reason we see Delta 757's at YYZ anymore is for sports charters.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Mark Thomas

I've watched some YouTube videos of Spotter day at Guarulhos, fantastic spot and very close to the action! Short lens only here! Great shot Marcio!

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Mark Thomas

Also Hero in Viet Nam as "AC-47D Spooky aka "Puff, the Magic Dragon", precursor to AC-130H Spectre gunship.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by John Gotch

I've been impressed with C130s ever since seeing one in an air show that was outfitted with rockets on both sides, showing how they were outfitted during the Viet Nam war in order to be able to take off on short runways. They fired those rockets partway down runway, and was that ever loud. Unbelievable how that plane shot up into the air at that point.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Linda Nitzschke

Great shot, for several reasons.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Linda Nitzschke

I hear that Gary. Blue skies few and far between here too!

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Mark Thomas

thanks mark

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Brian Buckley

Still another overcast day. I'll admit that earlier this year I was enjoying the opportunities to snap some inclement WX pics, but now I'm ready for the bright blue skies of summer.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Gary Schenauer

Judging by the tail number, the first owner was TWA.

Written on 2017年05月26日 by Paul Wisgerhof

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