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Delta to Retire Last DC-9 in January

Delta Air Lines, which was the launch customer for the original Douglas DC-9 aircraft in 1965, announced plans to retire its last DC-9 in January. The last DC-9 flight will take place on January 6, 2014. Flight 2014 is scheduled to depart Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at 4:20 p.m. local time.... ( More...

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Wow. It paid for itself a thousand times
DC-9's were built to last a long time, my guess is with proper maintenance they would be just like the DC-3. Technology and gas mileage obsoletes stuff quicker today. The A320's we got at NWA in the early 90's were headed for the parking lot after 20 years. The DC-9-10 is still the fastest climbing airliner in the world at 6,000 feet per minute. But it had no slats and landed hot. Air West eventually didn't use it at El Centro because of that high approach speed and hot temps. Most long time DC-9 ramp guys eventually had knees replaced because of the small cramped cargo pits, bent over and on your knees was the norm. The worrisome departures were the under-powered DC-9-50's out of Denver in the summer. Max tire speed was 175, and a lot of flights went out close to that when they were full. Skilled crews and good maintenance made it through all those years just fine. Back in the day all operations ceased if the temp exceeded 120F, not enough lift due to the density altitude. I see the newer planes today are rated for a few degrees higher than that. Just some trivia to
Deon B 4
I really hate to hear this news. The DC 9-50 to me is the best airplane I have flown. I know it's time but I wish I had the opportunity to fly one last time before it leaves.
PaulN2719 3
I used to live under the glidepath to runway 12R/30L at MSP. You could sure tell when a DC9 was inbound or outbound! Since Northwest was based at MSP, it just seems fitting that the last revenue flight for the DC9 will be out of the Twin Cities.
Guy Medlock 3
I lived in Kansas City when one of the first flights came out of Atlanta into KC downtown airport. I couldn't wait to see it and was at the airport by the river awaiting the arrival. Hadn't seen a photo or specs but since the DC-8 was so big I figured the DC-9 must be a gorilla. It came in and I thought there was a mistake. Took awhile to verify that WAS the DC-9. Turned out to be a great 'little engine that could', though, and I spent many hours later on 9's. Memories...
Worked on all those 9's starting at RW and ending with NWA....what marvelous machines........time marches on.........
Lucius Gravely 2
I went the fastest I ever have on the ground in an Eastern DC-9. When riding jump seat the pilot taking off from ORD 27L with more than a full load, told me,"This will be the fastest you'll ever go on the ground." We rotated at 160 indicated!
The extra speed surely helped the climb.
Ken Hardy 2
I flew on the inaugural Delta DC 9 flight, I boarded in Birmingham and stopped in New Orleans then on to Dallas Love Field, the Aircraft was a DC 9 ~10 short with JT -8-15 Pratts
ncpilot 2
I got to ride in the jump seat of one once. The captain knew I was a corporate pilot and invited me up for a leg that I was the only passenger on. I sure wish I could have flown one. What an incredible aircraft. It will be missed.
Dee Lowry 2
It's about time. The DC-9 had it's wonder years in it's prime but the B-727 was truely the work horse of the design. Those two airplanes competed with each other and I think the 27 won the race.
samsterflight 2
Sad news. Another proud hardworking airliner soon to stop flying US passenger service. At least there are some still flying cargo and with overseas carriers. As well as MD80s flying domestically.
Gary Plomp 1
I recall Air West & Hughes Air West(Top Banana)DC-9s very well. Also, the military C-9 Nightingale aeromedical transport. Probably the most famous was Hugh Hefner's Playboy DC-9 painted all black. The short Dash 10s & 15s were hotrods and a number of them were converted to corporate jets.
That would be nice Deon. I'm sure they're going too sell it. 400,00
Sell for about 500.000.
I remember the airline Valujet. They had bunches of DC-9 and Bac111. They struggled in Florida for a while but Air Tran was kicking their butt. Lol.
I heard that Paul. It fits the occasion. Delta bought some of NWA DC9.
Correction from yesterday's comment. Valujet now Air Trans was kicking Air Florida's hind pot. Lol.
akovia 1
I was never a fan of T-tails.
terry gersdorf 1
flown this airplane for years absolutely love it
Joe Mama 1
The Air Force used them for transporting patients


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