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What Ronald Reagan Said When Korean Air 007 Was Shot Down by the Soviet Union in 1983

Reagan evinced comparative respect for "the Congress." He moved between steely moral condemnations and detailed technical arguments, and he topped the whole sundae with a call for...reducing nuclear weapons. ( More...

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dbaker 9
The different reaction from US government probably reflects a lot of the significant differences between that incident and the one yesterday. KAL007 was a flight from the US that carried 62 Americans, whereas MAS17 didn't fly to/from/through the US and has one American on board.
mskierki 8
This speech was also given five days after the event. We'll see what is said by the US gov't early next week.
btweston 4
Oh, Jesus...
bbabis 1
Passenger ships have also been torpedoed. Politics and war are hell. Some lessons get learned and some never do and and are therefore destined to be repeated with different players. May all victims of this and similar past events rest in peace.
Gene spanos 1
The first casualty is ways the truth.

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Some forget that the US shot down Air Iran or Iran Air, whatever it was called that took approximately the same number of lives. I don't know if Clinton or Bush I was the President but before we flame anyone just remember we did the same deed although it was claimed as accidental. It was the same circumstance. Mistaken identity.
dbaker 9
290 died on Iran Air flight 655 under President Reagan
Gary Roberts 2
"It was the same circumstance. Mistaken identity."
Claiming Iran Air 655 mistaken identity is a stretch.
A300 vs. an F-14 Tomcat? Nope.
And the SPY-1 data showed sort of opposite what the CIC folks perceived.
High Tension + High Stakes = Scenario Fulfillment.
If anything, I'm sure out military training got more thorough and discipline increased as a result.
El Kabong 1
Tom Bruce 0
no one forgot...but, we took responsibility, we paid reparations, there was no attempt to hide what we did,
we apologized, we punished the captain of the ship... in fact, we admitted we made a mistake and we did everything we could to try to make up for that to the damn Russians and what they're doing now...
"it's Ukraine's fault"... "it wasn't us"... "we don't know" and they're stripping the accident scene and we will probably never see the black boxes again.. and if we do, they'll be wiped clean
That's the difference between us and them
Chuck Me 4
Brush up on the history of the event. We certainly didn't fess up and say "oh, we screwed up" from the beginning. We tried to cover our ass just like the Russians are doing here. It took us almost a decade to pay reparations after we were sued. Hardly "everything we could to try to make up for it."
Tom Bruce 0
not rue.... there was confusion at first...but we did the right thing
Not directing this at you, but I wonder if the Captain was just a scapegoat...

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btweston 9
...So we get to shoot down civilian planes? WTF is wrong with you?
Phil's OG!!!
Alex Smith 4
Oh shut up. Is this really what we've come to? You're really going to politicize the reaction of our president of a foreign flight shot down in foreign airspace?

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btweston 3
By the way, you forgot to capitalize that "O" in the "NO" of the second "NObama." How will you maintain credibility if you don't maintain consistency in your childish name calling?
Jim Anderson 1
He doesn't
btweston 1
You do realize that the President is a human, right? Like, I'm sure that you heard about this incident from somewhere too. Or were you on the plane? That would be crazy, man.
RECOR10 -3
I am not the President of the United States. Putin should NOT have been NObamas source.
BaronG58 3
It was a coincidence. Putin had called Obama that morning to discuss the increased sanctions. While they were talking..Putin was informed of the downed aircraft so he passed it on to Obama...all this happened in real time. I am not a Obama fan but I have to give him this one.
RECOR10 -3
Your right - I just like to use anything I can against NObama.
Funny how Obama Derangement Syndrome only strikes the illiterate.

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Yes it was famous words, but there were another words of Ukrainian president Kuchma when Russian plane was shot down by Ukraine in 2001 by S300 rocket? And what did Ukraine then? Can you say, I think you do not know about this ivent in 2001 above Black sea!


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