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U.S. Gun Violence Prompts Travel Warnings From Multiple Countries

In response to the recent surge in mass shootings in the United States, several countries have warned travellers planning to visit American destinations concerning the threat of gun violence. ( More...

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bbabis 9
The typical blame the gun story. People kill people. No one has ever decided not to kill because they didn't have a gun. Every country listed in the article still have plenty of homicides. The good news is that the majority of gunshot victims live while the majority of strangulation, stabbing, crowbar beating, and poisoning victims die.

Now, after that being said, what does any of this have to do with aviation?
People fly to the U.S. Duh.
Jim Quinn 14
What better way for the lefties to bash US citizens yet again and stir up the pot for more gun control, and to further their agenda.... These stories are inflammatory and purposeful, giving our country another black eye. They should be more detailed about those who are doing the shooting, causing the violence, preying on the citizenry with robbery, assault, carjacking, looting, rioting, etc. and how to avoid them.
So you think it's the stories that give the country a black eye?
srobak 3
Considering most of the stories are highly exaggerated or otherwise full of lies - just as much as the politicos who push them - yes.
dmarloweshawca -1
I'm ashamed that you are a conservative too. The first thing that you do is blame someone else and in this case the liberals. Do some fact checking. The US had 39,707 firearms deaths in 2019 for 3.96 deaths per 100,000 population. About 100 times higher than Great Britain at 0.0396. Canada was 0.46. US firearms deaths rose to 48,830 in 2021. No surprise Texas (last I checked was Republican) has the HIGHEST firearms deaths followed by California and Florida. District of Columbia has the highest per capita rate of 18 per 100,000 or 4.6 times the national average. Sadly 10% of all deaths (defined by under 20) are children. Also almost all of the illegal guns that come into Canada come across the worlds longest shared, unfenced border.
dadydave 6
My guns have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car!
Completely beside the point.
Shenghao Han 2
You know it's bad when Canada and UK are issues Travel Warning...
Jack White 2
Oh Jesus ... is this forum going to get political now? I sure hope not.
Shenghao Han 2
It's just how thing are... although I do think its not really something should be here, but certainly can hinder air-travel.
Ralph Angelo 5
Travel warnings are mot slowing down the invasion of immigrants across the Southern border. I guess these tourist are immune to leftist threats. They are here for the money.
linbb 8
Well lets see Biden and another faction has not supported cops also he championed along with demo mayors defunding the cops. No bail required for many crimes, petty crimes which lead to worse crimes by the same people. Catch and release many with just a ticket allowing people to camp anywhere in anything that increased crime in those places. The list goes on watch out who you stop for traffic violations due to race. And I can see why they would I stay away from some big cities like Portland OR for on.
Bill Ross -9
Hooie, balderdash, horsefeathers. Where's your data?
EMK69 16

And with the final report, our Dept was asked to slow down on traffic stops which in turn led to more MVA and Fatal's occurring in our municipality. Our former mostly hated, Mayor wanted a cleaner DoJ report favorable to a certain minority so as to not inflame them.

Our states on Homicides, gun violence, and misdemeanor traffic violations (not traffic tickets) increased for 3 years straight before he was voted out of office. The newly elected Mayor came in with a pro-LEO attitude and we were able to do our job again.

As a Reserve LEO I never stopped on the basis of your skin color, but rather I stopped on the stupidity of your driving skills.
Michael Tomascak 2
As long as no one associated with Hunter has been onboard I feel pretty confident there won't be any weapons left in the trash receptacles in the planes or the airports.


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