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A Ryanair passenger took the emergency exit and climbed onto the wing after his plane was delayed

A passenger on a Ryanair flight to Spain lost patience with after his plane was held up on the tarmac, and climbed out onto the wing via the emergency exit. ( More...

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Climbing out on the wing because of an asthma attack was probably a weak defense. I would have said, "Hey, this is Ryan Air. I thought that was my assigned seat!"
Rodger Bull 7
“When I asked for a window seat, I meant inside the plane”
Wayne Arnold 7
I don't blame the guy -all airlines need to fix this problem with these flights when they get delayed for more then 2 or 3 hrs and won't allow anyone to deboard -you will agree when it happens to you -and if you fly enough it will happen!!
Wayne Arnold 2
For all the people that gave my comment a thumbs down, I've got news for you a person to cause a delay for the reason he did is wrong,I didn't get the whole story -but I still say it's Wrong for the airline's to hold people "Hostage" onboard a plane that has been waiting for 3 hrs or more on the tarmac w/the A/C not cooling good,noting to drink/eat,not allowed to use the restroom because the seatbelt light is on,or any other scenario. It has happened to me, so give your honest answer after it happens to you! Also lot's of people have been in this situation far more then 3 hrs,
lynx318 2
Suffering asthma attack but able to open emergency exit instead of going to steward/stewardess? What the??
ken young 2
Wow. Just wow. 30 minutes and this guy could not wait. Nutcase. Lock him up and forget he exists.
Just Where did he take the emergency exit? I think something is missing from the headline !!!
Glen England 2
He had been on a Southwest flight before and was looking for the smoking section...
Woody Huband 1
Unfortunately this is an example of the near universal passenger distain for the airline industry today. This guy was like William Holden..."I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore". Some of us are old enough to remember tat famous movie quote.
Tom Bruce 1
wasn't William Holden.. but quote does apply
Tom Bruce 1
think Peter Finch used that line... but, again, your synopsis right on
Tom Bruce 1
should have closed the window and left him out there... frankly, if I ever encounter a delay of 2-3 hours I'll probably end up on the "no fly" list, too... flew every other week for 20+ years... hate what's happened...
thegrump 1
"Sir! You forgot your beers!"
thegrump 4
On a ryanair flight?? I would expect perhaps Old English 800.
Chuck Chall 1
Instant access to the no fly list. Anywhere. Ever.
Although I agree with the fact that Airlines have some ridiculous policies with delays on the Tarmac, this is pathetic and charges should (as apparently they are) be filed. This places everyone's safety at risk and caused additional delays, as well as monetary losses for RyanAir I'm sure.


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