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Aha! airline begins nonstop service between Reno and Idaho Falls in August

Travelers can replace a lengthy nine-hour drive or painful layover with a quick 95-minute nonstop flight between Reno and Idaho Falls once aha! starts service on Aug. 11. ( More...

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Brian Freeman 4
Wow, someone finally tapped into that lucrative IDA-RNO route (cough, cough...)
srobak 2
ehhh... why?
chugheset 2
Which government subsidy did these guys take advantage of?
Rick Uram 2
Friend of mine tried twice to use aha! from Eugene to Reno only to have the flights canceled on the same day of departure with no compensation. Poor guy had to rent a car to get him to Reno and then he took 3 flights on SW to get him back. No thanks
James Cox 1
"Acey" lives again!
Roger Curtiss 1
Take advantage of it while it lasts...which I do not expect to be for very long. Did they throw a pin at a map to choose a destination?


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