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SpaceX successful Starship landing in Texas

SpaceX successful Starship landing in Texas - Very much worth the view ( More...

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One small step
John Gaither 8
I find it hard to believe that NASA would have gotten four test flights off since December. They would still be organizing a committee to study the first one.
Kevin Holly 2
Agreed....but to be fair, if SpaceX was using tax dollars and blew up 4 ships before landing the 5th, the public would be outraged. NASA doesn't have the luxury of test, fail, test again. Too many taxpayer eyes on it. I'm always shocked at how many people aren't even aware of what SoaceX is doing
John Yarno 2
There is a lot I do not like about NASA, but they did just fly an aircraft on Mars, and they now land their Rovers by rocket. I think it is finally a good thing that they have turned this part of our space program over to the privet sector. I wonder how long it will be before we see any thing like the shuttle again.
>>> I wonder how long it will be before we see any thing like the shuttle again.

IF the need for one arises and there's nothing there to satisfy that need, we may see Shuttle v2, and this time it should be a relatively quick development as we've been there before.
Colin Seftel 2
The US Space Force operates two unmanned X-37B space-planes which have flown a total of 6 times. The most recent launch was in May last year and it's still in orbit.

NASA has awarded a Commercial Resupply Services contract to Sierra Nevada for 6 flights to the ISS using its Cargo Dream Chaser space-plane. The first flight is scheduled for 2022.
Elliot Cannon 7
Once again science fiction becomes science fact. When I was a young boy in the 50's, I had toys of space men in space suits with "fish bowl" like helmets. We actually had that less than 20 years later. "Space ships" were depicted as taking of and landing vertically. Now it's happening. I can't wait to see what's next, A space station orbiting the earth? Naaah. LOL
Boris Biggins 5
Space station orbiting the earth? ROFLMAO. You're dreaming. What's next, men on the moon?

Can you imagine what my grandmother felt? Born in 1881, she lived to see nothing but birds and an occasional balloon in the sky to seeing men walk on the moon, before dying a the age of 94. And like you, as a kid, Dick Tracy and his phone watch was so far out there that it could never exist for real, now most of us have something like that. The only thing missing from my childhood dreams, a jet pack for every day use and affordable by most.
Finally! A successful landing. SpaceX moves forward.
Having worked on the Apollo program, all I can say is: HOLY CRAP! Space X must be loaded with geniuses.
Colin Seftel 1
I would say that what SpaceX has in common with the Apollo program is an appetite for risk. The reason why NASA's Orion / SRS has not flown despite 10 years of development is the current management's aversion to taking risks. When it does fly it will already have been made obsolete by Starship's far greater capability and re-usability.
Noal Johnston 4
Amazing technology !
Leo Aubry 3
Congrats Space X.
Doug Parker 3
SRDH implies that SpeceX's structure of management is better configured than NASA's. If anyone were to honestly and genuinely investigate and compare the two, it'd help establish the white paper for better guidelines on how to structure (and how to *not* structure) a company, er, or department.

IMHO, "leave politics out of it," and "keep it scientific" seem to be the better way to go. YMMV.
Larry Horton 1
But it didn't blow up when it landed. Isn't it supposed to self destruct when it lands?
Mike Garrison 1
Nope. But clearly your mind is blown.
Only if Biden had anything to do with it.
Biden and Kamala won. Deal with it. Or keep crying like a little baby. Either way Biden and Kamala won.
Boris Biggins -5
And it would have been wearing a mask.
Good thing the former guy is not in charge. He would say the Starship needs some hydro and bleach.


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