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Amazon Air to Sell Surplus Fleet Onboard its Jets Ahead of Predicted Market Slump

Amazon Air recently announced plans to sell surplus space onboard their planes to other companies. The announcement comes amid predictions that 2023 will see a shrinkage in the global aviation freight market. Here's what you need to know. ( More...

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linbb 19
Wondered what was going on with the stupid headline turns out that after reading further its SPACE they are selling dumb dumb headline
btweston 4
Garth. Your pills.
J Daniel Sharp 2
Yes inscrutable headline that is made clear by the subtext. But what a tortured sentence.
21voyageur 1
Sorry to say but the writing on this sight is and has been poor at best. But that said, where is the editor?
21voyageur 1
Sorry to say but the writing on this site is and has been poor at best. But that said, where is the editor?
darjr26 4
I’d really like to learn more about how Amazon Air operates on a day by day basis. Relying on several different airlines and coordinating it all seems like it could get quite sporty at times. For instance when a Sun Country 737, sitting at Alliance Airport AFW, goes out of service who decides whether to run the flight late, cancel the flight or ferry it somewhere when it returns to service. Sun Country has to maintain operational control but the decision making process with Amazon must make for some interesting conversations.
C J 1
Those sort of package related operational decisions are run through Amazon Air's Network Control Center (NCC) which is located at the Cincinnati airport. You're correct in that the airlines retain operational control of the flights, Amazon just determines whether packages will be rerouted through different means of transportation in the case of a delay/cancel (another carrier, another airplane from the same carrier, truck, etc). It's an interesting operation...but a complete cluster as well.
A very poorly worded headline to say the least.
Joe Keifer 6
The USPS could put this to good use.
John Haller 1
Half of what USPS delivers is Amazon under last mile delivery contacts, so not sure USPS needs more Amazon content.
Steve Hoker 3
Click Bait...tag your it...
Edgar Murphy 4
Capturing a growing share of a shrinking market has never been a successful business plan.
Mike Dryden 5
"A Logical, Environmentally Friendly, and Space-Saving Decision"

Flying stuff that didn't really need to go by plane. Environmentally friendly?


I geddit. Some stuff needs to go by plane - parts to fix breakdowns that are costing $100ks/hour. The latest Amazon delivery probably isn't high on the 'needs to' list...
J Daniel Sharp 2
I’m not a climate scientist, but it occurs to me that if you can fill up these planes versus dozens or hundreds of semis spewing diesel pollution, the environmental effects may not be worse for air freight. However the point remains that excess movement of goods by any means, especially resource-intensive ones, is a detriment in any form.
Jim Allen 3
Everyone wants 2 day shipping. How else could they justify putting local retailers out of business.
Robert Thresher -2
Environmental Bull shit. The anti Energy shit has got to go, I say fly it all by Airplane, I love planes
Bill Wheeler 2
AI headline generator? Not very good.
Nathaniel Salzano 2
it will be interesting to see how they actually put that into action. Also very poorly worded headline.
Serena Wittkopp 1
I'm glad they're environmentally friendly, too.
Greg Kusiak 1
So if passenger flights are full and cargo flights are not, should every aircraft be converted to a Combi to try to balance things out? Or are there simply just not enough pilots for that?
theo schefferlie -2
Butttttttttt , Biden said all was ok and normal ?
J Daniel Sharp 0
Biden has done more to move the needle on carbon reduction than the last 10 Presidents combined. Of course that is not as hard as it sounds, since both Democratic and Republican leaders have been twiddling their thumbs over climate change and our unsustainable lifestyle, because it upsets the wastrel populace who love to burn rubber and spew as much pollution as possible, all the while making maximum noise with their over-powered under-intelligent vehicles.
Mike Mohle 1
You write that like what "Biden" has done is a good thing, or actually accomplishing something rather than reducing our standard of living with higher costs for taxpayers.
wayne holder -3've obviously bought a lot of swamp land somewhere. The only thing he did was waste more taxpayer monies like when the US was going to go to the metric system. The only way to reduce carbon emissions on this planet is to get rid of the producers of carbon emissions, The human race. But nobody wants hear or accept that so they came up with an alternative. The jab!! The 2030 or 2040 census results will show you that unless they can mask it enough with all the immigrants coming into the US. Time will tell all!!
Brent Bahler 3
Quit watching Newsmax.
Bandrunner 2
Meds, quick.
Robert Thresher -3
What do you expect from a Senior citizen? Who is the most Anti American Interposer ever to sit in the White House. I 'm sure his commie Chinese owners told him to say it... or else.
Adam Gilgis 0
Remember the Chinese bank accounts that he conveniently forgot to disclose?

Oh wait, that was Trump. Keep gaslighting.
lynx318 0
Just Amazon slowly getting out of airplanes as it now can deliver with drones.
Mary Kurzawa 0
Amazon’s prime delivery is getting worst every day. I do no recommend. Terrible idea!


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