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Boeing Turns to Texas to Store 737 Max Jets as Grounding Lingers

Boeing Co. has started storing 737 Max jets at a vast Texas maintenance base as the planemaker continues to churn out the single-aisle aircraft while waiting for regulators to lift a global grounding. ( さらに...

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Stephen King 2
Great idea to park them in SA. We have had 4 storms with large hail in the area in the past month.
Relics 1
Will be cool to see the 737s alongside the C-17s.
Andy Cruickshank 1
So, are they flying MAX aircraft (without passengers) from Seattle to Texas on ferry permits without regard for the folks on the ground?
rwb2112 1
Hell yes! Park em all down here, caught a LOT and a Corendon Airlines Max8 here at KSKF today. I've always envied Leland's 1st shots of all the world's airlines as they come off the production line, I've never even heard of Corendon before so that really nice to see.
sharon bias 1
Just under 400 737 Max's have been built as of March 2019 (Boeing's figures). Storing that many planes takes up a lot of space. The plane graveyards in CA are a better choice for storage because the weather is hot and dry 99% of the time. Don't know why they'd store them in an area that is prone to severe weather. But Boeing has made some strange corporate decisions lately, so I'm not surprised.
Andy Cruickshank 1
400 worldwide


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