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Fuel made from grass may power jets in future

In the quest for sustainable energy sources, scientists have developed “grassoline“ -a biofuel derived from grass that may one day power aircraft. ( さらに...

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WavemanT 7
And I thought the headline referred to marijuana, which would help aircraft get high.
Todd Baldwin 6
Interesting. Instead of parking my Cessna on the ramp, I can turn it out to graze with the cattle.
josh homer 1
Hope nobody does any plane tipping!
Todd Baldwin 1
Or tries to milk it!
dbkoob 1
In the future give it a grass shake that ill make er fly
Scott Wiggins 1
The world is awash in oil and we pay people to research this garbage...remember the Peak Oil scare of about a decade ago. What a joke! Peak oil is reached every few decades, then technology paves the way for new ways of extraction. While I'm at it,CO2 has a higher molecular mass than air in the troposphere, so how does it magically make its way into the atmosphere to trap heat? More...water vapor has many times the heat capacity of CO2 and it makes up an enormous part of our atmosphere whereas CO2 is .033 percent or some such number. When does Al Gore declare water a pollutant? Sorry Al and the legions of corrupt, cough, scientists, you picked the wrong Canard!
Richard Lawrence 1
Biomas to diesel already exists in the Fischer-Tropsch process. A high quality diesel results.
IIf this "grass to gas" process is simpler or more efficient then it would be of interest. But even the well-established FT process can't compete with diesel from crude oil. Also, Jets run on kerosene type fuel, not gasoline. And the fuel described is a conversion of grass to gasoline
srobak 1
They tried this a few years ago with diesel in city buses. It couldn't deliver the necessary and caused some exensive mechanical issues. This will not be sustainable.
srobak 1
Necessary power
paul gilpin 1
so now aircraft will be able to fly to bermuda, using bermuda.
how about copenhagen?
Mike Harrington 1
Being *able* to make fuel and realizing a net return on energy invested from the process are light years apart.


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