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Southwest Airline passenger's "alleged" altercation over Reclining Seat

A Southwest Airlines flight turned around and made an emergency landing in Los Angeles late Sunday after a woman aboard the plane allegedly claimed a man tried to choke her because of a reclined seat back, according to the airline and witnesses. Southwest would not confirm that a choking incident was involved but said "flight #2010 from LAX to San Francisco International airport returned to Los Angeles to allow police access to the cabin because of a rapidly escalating situation involving… ( More...

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Society is doomed.
LGM118 1

I know it's a bit young for many of the people here, but still...
jacob wall 1
I loved Invader Zim. Thanks for the nostalgic start to my morning.
Tim Marks 4
On average the human body has increase in size by 5.5% in the last 100 years (5'7" to 5'11") and the seat pitch in the average airplane has reduced by 9.5% in the last 50 years (34" to 31"). So it is inevitable that an average human will no longer fit in the space provided by an airline and given the rate of human size increase versus the reduction in airline seat pitch passenger discomfort and complaints will continue to rise. Here's a new business strategy airline corporations: increase your seat pitch back to 34", advertise you have the roomiest seats for the larger average human, and charge a little more ($10) than your sardine-can seating competitors. Being 6'3" and 275lbs, I would gladly pay more to have a seat I can actually sit in.
David Barnes 1
American tried exactly that in the early 2000s. They called it "More Room Throughout Coach", and by the mid 2000s, the program was wholly abandoned. In short, people wouldn't (and still won't) pay the "little more" as a whole. People vote with their feet that, time and again, they want the cheapest seats, regardless of the price.

The "Economy Pluses" have proven successful as it gives travelers a choice between parting with less money and being comfortable.
30west 1
TWA implemented the same strategy in the very late 90's and it too didn't show the expected results. I don't recall if TWA discontinued it or it was discontinued by AA after the acquisition process of TWA started in 2000.
30west 1

I mis-spoke about the timeframe TWA expanded the seat pitch on the fleet. It happened in 1993 when TWA removed 10% of the coach seats to increase the seat pitch.
jacob wall -1
Isn't that what Main Cabin Extra is for with AA?
Scott Dunham 3
I don't mind the person in front making what little table space I had unusable as long as they don't mind me balancing my laptop on their forehead so I can get some work done.
Mike Davis 3
Along with the decreased knee room and lightweight seats, airlines should remove seatback recliners completely. The person in the seat in front of me cannot possibly recline their seat because my knees are already in contact with the seatback frame and there is no place for it to go. On most domestic flights I've been on in the past few years, very few people recline their seats. Golden rule.
Emergency landing, really. With all the fire trucks, foam on the tarmac, ambulances etc.
Oh, it was NBC news...
sparkie624 3
News isn't what it used to be LOL... Now days if it is not news, they make it news anyway...
sparkie624 2
I can understand the woman being upset... Those devices to prevent seat recline are not supposed to be used, the FA told him to remove them, then he put the back in. The woman should not have had the reaction that she had, but the man that put those knee protectors in should be held in violation of not following the directive of a Flight Attendant and should be charged accordingly... There is no reason for people to do this kind of stuff, but if I expect to see it anywhere, it would be on Southwest...
Mike Davis 1
I carry my own anti-recline devices - my bruised knees.
Tough nuts! Try flying from California to Hawaii in a C-130. The web seats don't recline but after a couple of hours, you can't feel anything so it doesn't matter.
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Southwest Airlines flight returns to gate 'after passenger CHOKES another for reclining her seat in front of him'

Southwest flight 2010 returns to the gate at KSFO after a passenger choked another one.
Air rage should come with a automatic 1 year ban from flying !!
A 75 year old lady once rammed the seat back into to me - because I disturbed her newspaper reading.
This year I've flown 120 flights, and at this point I just expect to be pushed around, cut in front of, hit with carry on luggage , etc etc - I'd wait until the end of boarding if I knew I'd still have a place for my bag ! The bright-side once the door closes and were in the air, I'm going 500 knots and not having to drive.
Bernie20910 2
I'd rather be doing 61 knots, have plenty of leg room, my choice of music and snacks, restrooms I can actually fit through the door to enter, plenty of luggage space (with no penalty, no TSA checks, and no pilferage), a seat that reclines more than 1.5 degrees, windows that roll down, no crying babies, interesting scenery, and the ability to get out and stretch my legs whenever I want.

But that's just me.
Martin Connor 1
It should be the job of government to regulate the size of seats. Reclining seats are pretty pointless anyway. I had the good luck to fly long haul on a half empty aircraft. For the first time I fully reclined my seat as there was nobody behind me. I was amazed that just a few degrees and that was that, yet those few degrees steal space from the person behind.

On one flight, I found I couldn't focus on the in flight entertainment screen - yes I wear glasses- because the person in front reclined.

It's ridiculous.
Jim Quinn 1
I really haven't had much problem with people wanting to recline except one particular time. I was looking down into the seatback pouch for my reading glasses when the moron in front of me slammed the seat back so hard I thought my spine had been compressed slightly. I was tempted to strangle that guy, but a simple but firm punch to the seat back and a comment about his actions seemed to do the trick. What surprised me is that he seemed to be a business traveler like myself and he should have known better.
Loral Thomas 1
Ever since Columbus landed, the term "respect" has diminished with every generation.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Fight on SW flight (LAX-SFO), flight returns to LAX

Sounds like fight over a passenger reclining his seat....

5 Hour delay as a result, plus the overall cost to the airline.


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