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Dazzling Airline Video Captures Beauty of Flight

Air Tahiti Nui, the carrier of French Polynesia, released a behind-the-scenes time-lapse video of flight operations from baggage loading to landing. The video, according to News Australia, was created by Matthieu Courtois, a 32-year-old technical engineer from Tahiti who has been working for the airline since 2007, with the help of pilot Ludovic Allain. Using a go-pro, Courtois spent a month filming and editing the video, which follows the airline's A340 planes as they fly from Auckland to… ( More...

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I'm always amazed at what people can accomplish with a GoPro camera!
shawn white 1
They are amazing! I just got one the other day, and I'm loving it!
John Kish 2
A better copy of this video is on you tube
YouTube video link:


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