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FAA issues NO FLY zone over Arkansas Oil Spill

The FAA has issued a NO FLY zone around Mayflower, AR ( さらに...

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Perhaps too many news copters and other "rubberneckers". But the FAA has a reason, just like they do in Hibbing and Ely, MN to issue TFR's.
I bet those two get some regular incursions with airports a stones throw away. All the more reason to file and fly IFR I guess.
But it's not oil, and therefore not a liability for Exxon.

Ubelievable, but true.

You sure Jed Clampett wasn't pokin' around in them woods?
I'm sure all them folks had WTF
It's bad when oil comes up on your property and its not yours! Good luck to the affected.
Just FYI in a late development: The pipeline only ran under 3 pieces of propert and those Homeowners knew about. Since it was not under their properties, there was no requirement to tell the others
And up from the ground came a bubblin crude. My granddaddy worked for Mobil. My daddy worked for Mobil, My uncle worked for Mobil. My cousin works for Mobil. I started flying because I didn't want to work for Mobil. Long story short, the oil bidness been around a long time. Judging from the fences, this community was built decades after the pipeline, though many may not have known it was there, or gave it a second thought if they did. I feel for those who must endure the occasional pipeline accident, but I have also seen the response when there is no fuel at the pump. Aah modern society. Why this warrants a no fly zone, I'm not so sure, but I am sure that nobody in the aviation community intends to crash into it to start the hereafter. Or maybe, since sequestration (damn that's hard to spell), they just want to put their foot down without spending any money. No fly here, No fly there, pretty soon,no fly.
LOL on the foot down and no fly. Town has been there for years. I doubt that addition been there 10. Pipline been in since the 40's. All pipelines are marked but maps been held close since 911. Nobody told them about the pipline when they bought, I doubt the developer even knew it was there. When they get done, hopefully you can't tell either.
I wonder if it is the smoke from burning oil for the flight restrictions.
I really have no idea what that link is or what it's supposed to show but it ain't being burned. All being pu/u wtih vacumn trucks and hauled off somewhere
Im guessing the TFR below 1000 ft. is to alow the oil company a safer environment to operate their aircraft. They can fly over the damaged area to assess cleanup and check for further damage, without those pesky news helicopters in the way.
Prolly so; I'm a thinking that PINE VILLAGE AIRPORT is a high powered dirt strip down there in some farmers field. That 1000' shouldn't be a problem; it is sandwiched in between apparoch/departure paths for LRAFB, KLIT and Cantrell field at Conway, but all will be well over that anyway. Unless there is a crop duster out there, shouldn't be anyone lower than a grand anyway.
Is this pretty close to you, Wayne?
It's about 50 miles away. Wife has a sister living down ther but she's about 5 miles South of where it happened
Haven't really been following the story, is it pretty bad?
Well, it ain't good but Exxon has plenty of boots on the ground and naturally all the politicians are getting good exposure. It ain't really that bad if you don't live there but by all the pics, it's a mell of a hess. I think they have 22 homes evacuated rite now; hopefully they can all come back by the weekend. It ain't really something that you want to see erupt in your back yard at any time, let alone the beginning of a holiday weekend. lol
Know what you mean. we had a big diesel pipeline spill here about a dozen years ago. Well, hope it all works out soon. We'll keep y'all in our prayers.
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spill, what spill?

what the feds or exxon-mobile don't want you to see from the air.
You are correct. News choppers have been almost non existent as it is only about 25mi out of LIT and most have just driven out and shot their footage. The other thing too, 1000' is minimum altitude anyway. Either Exxon does want to hide something or they are afraid rotorwash from any passing choppers might spread things. Regardless of how good a job they are doing or will do restoring things, nobody is going to trust them anyway. There was a federal class action suit filed yesterday, joined by 2 so far and I'm sure the rest will follow, for loss of property value. It will be interesting.


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