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Security video of stolen SkyWest CRJ released

Newly released surveillance video gives an interesting view of that bizarre plane incident and suicide at the St. George airport last July. ( さらに...

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I agree with beilstwh - but the 40,000,000 dollar plane, and the cost to fix all the other damaged buildings and cars is more than what it would cost to lock him away for life. Just sad - I am outraged at how long it takes in this country to finally get to see the truth of what happened - it should have been available to the public immediately, its insane that we have to ask for the truth and wait for months. Despite the fact I am not a democrat - this problem is much bigger than just BHO - this was true under every president. Im not making a political comment here - I just want to see this changed once and for all.
beilstwh 2
It's unfortunate that the plane was damaged, but at least the taxpayers don't have to pay to lock the murderer up for the next 50 years.
There are to many won't hurt to loose one. Right?...well except for the owner by by 40,000,000 dollars.
the CRJ is actually a really nice plane...... not the 200, but the 700 is a rocket, and the 900 is nice because there is a Lav near the cockpit so you don't have to do the walk of shame :)

I loved the plane, hated the regionals - actually, I just hated the regional I was at. But then again, so did everyone else.. you can't say "mesa" and expect people to envy your position.
The 200 is horrible for a flight of any kind.. 700 and 900s are exactly like you said rockets. It seems like they take off at a 20 degree climb :O
I was sent to repo a brand new (less than 250 hour) crj700 in the winter - out of Indy to ORD - so not a full tank of jet a by any means - and I was climbing at much less than the fadec
Finger slipped - less than fadec climb detent. The captain I was flying with said "bump it into climb. So I did. A few seconds later as I was pitching for vmo
Damn iPhone. - anyway - I got chevrons pointing and the word DOWN appeared on the EHSI. We damn near penetrated the clouds perpendicularly - I bet if we dropped a pen it would have landed aft of the main cabin door. It was astonishing. The 200 was crap - but the 100s were even worse - they had inertial navigation that took 15-30 minutes to initialize - and if we tried to bypass it by putting the fms into auto tune - we kept getting DR and we would end up tens of miles off course. After flying piaggios I actually missed crj's. Lol. Just never the 200 let alone the 100
it is sad to see any plane wrecked especially a $40 million plus airport damages but that is the strangest rampage i have ever seen. how did he get into the jet if the jet was shut and the jetway door would be closed and locked anyway so how did he get in. also its not a skywest crj its got delta connections livery on the side
There are ways of getting into the crj - and any aircraft - the doors are not locked but simply closed. Jet bridges are not always left attached to the aircraft overnight - especially if the airport closes, and especially if an aircraft is brought to the gate from mx or hangar. Let's not forget there are always more than one door - and lets not forget these doors are supposed to be openable from the outside. It doesn't take a genius to figure out how he did it. The question was why. Did he want to fly off, if so why did he not even turn the steering via tiller or rudders. Perhaps he had used so much thrust that by the time he realized that he hadn't turned on the nose wheel steering it was too late and he just barely turned and ended up putting that wing through the wall.

I guess you're thinking that comair is the only delta connection flyer. It isn't. Skywest is one of them. Look at Wikipedia and you will see this info:

HideCurrent Delta Connection airlines

Comair (As of December, 2011 operating Delta Flights 2850-3238) is wholly owned and managed by Delta Air Lines Inc, and will continue to fly exclusively for Delta Air Lines d/b/a Delta Connection, while the following airlines are owned and managed independently, and flown under contract for the Delta Connection brand and network:

Republic Airways Holdings
Chautauqua Airlines (Flights 6026-6138)
Shuttle America (Flights 5868-6017)
Pinnacle Airlines Corp.
Pinnacle Airlines (Flights 3284-4369)
SkyWest, Inc.
ExpressJet Airlines (Flights 4869-5612)
SkyWest Airlines (Flights 4439-4818 and 7755-7813)
TranStates Holdings
Compass Airlines (Flights 5680-5865)
GoJet Airlines (Flights 6151-6168)

I think even that list is a little short. I seem to remember Mesa also flying delta connection back in o3 - but got booted because they suck in every way imaginable - lol
Poor plane...Poor flying.


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