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Gear up landing despite warning horn!

These guys listen to an alarm telling them to put their landing gear down and can't seem to remember to do it. They ruin their propeller, the bottom of their plane, and the chance anyone will ever fly with them. ( さらに...

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The thing that impresses me the most is the camera man keeping on task. All too many times I watch videos like this where the guy with the camera drops it or turns it away from the action. Kudos for fully capturing the pilot's bad day and immortalizing it for the bemusement of the aviation community.
At least one pro onboard, eeh?
preacher1 3
Wish I could have understood I guess as he climed out and looked around, that was a classic "Oh S%^&" moment.
Does NOBODY here understand French? Would LOVE to know what they were saying.
Dan Murphy 3
My old flying instructor once reminded us in class, "There are two types of pilots: Those who HAVE landed gear up, and those who WILL." I'm not saying everyone will, but never say never.
preacher1 2
I can remember back in 68, I was with a guy in a 182 that had just came out with retract gear. We were slow and low flying, looking at some land South of Deming NM and had the gear overide pulled. He decided we would stop in at Deming and grab a coke before going back to Tucson. About the time he flared, he looked at the light panel, said hang on(and some other choice words), and had just enough speed/altitude to flip to one side on the grass, killing the engine(on purpose) while doing so. Prop stopped straight across and gear was up. Grass dididn't tear up the bottom. Got a crane out, lifted the bird, cranked the gear down, got our coke and went back to Tucson
i love how he gets out of the plane and rubs the propeller... that is another rich person that shouldn't be flying, im not even gonna call him a pilot.
Jason Rhew 2
Too much airplane and airport for the pilot
Whats up with these two men in the cockpit? Is it that the can't hear the alarm or is it that the are awake, but yet sleeping? If I was the passenger in the back seatwith the cam recording; hearing that alarm I will question why the hell what the reason for that alarm. But I point the finger at the 2 men up front.
Toby Sharp 2
bet they wont do that again.....its like running out of gas
Toby Sharp 2
and they got it on tape!!
Falconus 2
How did the pilot not hear that? Noise cancelling headphones? But those wouldn't block a high-pitched horn, or would they?
i play with zulus. ANR headsets are for constant noises to a certain decibel and then the ANR stops kicking in and you can hear them. like toby said, maybe to much on his plate...
Toby Sharp 2
he probably had too much on his plate because of his high and fast approach.....thats my guess
My ears are hurting!!!!
Horns blaring and no landing checklist either. A couple of dummies trying to be pilots?
Pileits 2
whats noise?
John Hale 2
you would think that if he realized he was fast on the approach he would check the gear for drag purposes. Can't fix stupid, at least to a point
ray jones 2
there are two types of pilot's, those that have, and those that still have it to do.
GUMP - Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Prop. Even if you're flying a fixed gear aircraft, it still works.
That is what I was taught in the '60s when I was learning on a Mooney. Continued when I went from an Ovation in 2005 to a Columbia 400. Same drill. Only difference is "3 in the green" or "down and welded".
I recall a pilot doing that twice at Sardy Field in Aspen years ago. I guess that's why insurance companies stressed more planes with fixed gear.
Silly French (Kidding, I love the French *wink*)
bustardvan 2
Right, cuz an American would and has never done a gear up landing.

Also, this video makes Airbus an inferior product to Boeing.
preacher1 4
Don't matter the nationality; he did a very stupid thing for any pilot.
Silly Americans...

Haha, relax my friend. People are people = they do stupid stuff and planes are planes = millions of man-mours crafing a marvelous machine (with the occasional glitch).

The real war is Airbus/Boeing vs Gravity.


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