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Confusion leads to man bringing guns on Air Canada flight

Haight made his way through security, where officials told him not to walk through the metal detector but asked to see his badge. He said he didn't have one, since he was not a police officer. Instead, he showed his possession and acquisition licence that, as Haight points out, looks more like a driver's licence than a badge. "They proceeded me onto the plane," Haight said. "I then was looking around and wondering why are they letting me on here with two pistols in a… ( さらに...

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At least they realized it was their own mistake, though they wasted quite a few hours of his life with their questioning.
alistairm 0
Wow! that is some story. I don't think they wasted anyones time with the questioning. They had to figure out how this happened. Mr. Haight seems to be a pretty resaonable and responsible guy, so i don't think he minded either.
Of course they wasted his time. Let them sort their screw-up amongst themselves and not hinder him in anyway. They handed him the same form on the return leg, there's no communication or accountability on the part of these morons!
Probably the safest flight in the world since... well, since EVER.
alistairm 0
Safest flight ever? Why... becasue he brought two guns onboard? The guns were not loaded. Ammunition was in the cargo hold. I guess he could have thrown the guns at a highjackers head...
Although there are those who argue that we'll never hear about the successful stops of potential terrorists, it seems that we are frequently told about how innocent people are mistreated like terrorists. So how effective is TSA and CATSA in actually preventing terrorist activities? I'd guess not much, since they screw up so badly so frequently with obviously innocent people.

I don't travel by commercial airliner often, but I've had 3 screw-ups by TSA. The first was when I had a pair of 6" pliers in my carry-on, which I was told was absolutely forbidden, "No tools are allowed." Not so, according to TSA's own website--but rather than argue, I told the TSA gal to just take them. The second was when I was accompanying my ol' Ma, age 86 at the time, and she was held up by an aggressive TSA woman who insisted that she must raise her arms above her head to be wanded--which Ma cannot physically do because of surgery. We missed our plane because of the lengthy questioning and repetitive wanding that both the TSA gal and her supervisor insisted on doing. The third was recently, when I had to unload one of my carry-ons twice because TSA's X-ray machine couldn't recognize a flashlight as being a flashlight. On the return trip, CATSA let the same bag go through without a murmur. Grrrr!

It must be tough to travel frequently--I'm glad I don't.
Matt Lang 0
Canada has one of the best air marshal programs in the world. So yes, it probably was one of the safest flights since ever, and it had nothing to do with the mix-up at security, or this guy... this of course has nothing to do with the high-school-graduate-wanna-bees working the metal detectors! Canadian Air Marshal's rock!
Actually Matt, the Safest airport to fly out of is Israel. nota single terrorist successfully passes through the airport. although many have tried.
all airline security is a farce i work at an airport in uk it is a joke
airport security is a joke i work at one in uk and i can never beleive how inconsistant they are and how petty they can be. remember we have to get it right everyday 24/365 terrorist only need one chance one mistake and lives can be lost
can be? have been, and sadly, will be! i fully agree. this is why the method used in Israel works, they profile, EVERYBODY is interviewed upon attempting to enter the airport, then again at te counter, and again at the gate. not by airline personnel, but by security agents of the government. by doing so, in the 3-4 hours before a flight, there is ample time to check out stories, compare the multiple interviews, and analyze whether a person is not up to safety standards. it is the toughest airport to go through, but they don't have huge lines, because they spread the process out. and, i am not Jewish, buy the way, so this does not come from a "love of country". this is purely analytical.
I missed the line about the ammo being in checked luggage. If it had happened in the states they'd have accused him of being a TeaPartier going to melt his seatbelt into bullets using his shoestring to start the fire and removing his underwear to put out the flames. Not to mention putting bombs (explosive devices) in the hold. I feel safer already. Sorry... been another long week and I figure it's about time to go back off-planet. :)
Too bad the ammo was downstairs. It had potential to be the safest flight ever
alistairm 0
Not sure why everyone is thinking that it would have been the safest flight ever if the two guns were loaded. All flights are the safest until something goes wrong. Further, the ammo that Mr. Haight would have loaded into his firearms, would not be the same that Air Marshals use. Therefore, he would most likely have posed more danger to the flight than good. Secondly, i doubt Mr. Haight has any experience in pointing his weapon at anything besides a paper target. I would say that yes, this was the safest flight ever because of the fact that there was no loaded firearms in the cabin.
All I can say is....I feel sorry for the passenger and shake my head at the Air Canada staff on the brain fart in procedure, both at the counter, and in the air.
mark tufts 0
somebody screwed up at the airport
YOU had to be there!
You've got to ask yourself, "Do you feel lucky....Well do ya, PUNK!" Who's really accountable here. Why is it the passengers? Who let the guys on back on 9/11/01? Really?!
Since airlines are private entities we choose to use them despite the rules they impose upon us. Exercising your 1st amendment rights will get yuo kicked off and questioned, and your 2nd will get you thrown in prison. Unfortunately that's the nature of the beast and most Americans would rather the illusion of security the government provides rather than the true security that personal responsbility and mutual respect to others provides.

@Peter Hartmann, I also am a CCW holder and carry everyday , everywhere allowed by my local laws. I appreciate the training you've done because I've been there too.
@Alistar, I've heard rumor that Marshalls are no longer allowed to carry on aircraft and that the only firearm on board is in the cockpit only according to the captain's wishes and only after the captain recieves extensive training from law enforcement and the company. Whether or not this is true is up in the air (ba dum shhh), it could just be what they want us to think.
If this had been TSA agents in the U.S., the poor guy would still be in jail, and they would still be denying any mistakes had been made...
The story references several times where he was asked to produce his "badge". Meaning: the one that you can purchase mail order?

I thought "security" in the US was inane. Well, perhaps the US has trained them.

Pathetic and surely embarrassing.


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