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Meddling Governments Anger Latin American Airlines

Latin America should be one of the world's aviation bright spots. The region's air traffic is projected to grow by 6% annually for the next 20 years as carriers capitalize on a middle class that could double in size during that period. Boeing and Airbus say that will translate into a need for more than 2,000 new aircraft by 2031. ( さらに...

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Not a whole lot different here in the US whether it's the feds strangling the FAA or local governments taking airport revenue as a cash cow and not maintaining them.Feds do the same thing on the highways; take all the user fees that go into the highway trust fund, spend a big chunk on mass transit or some other off highway project; then they complain of infrastructure going down, not enough money to fix them; that trucks aren't paying their way and tearing them up. Nobody would mind user fees for any mode IF they went for what they were intended to. AND THE LIST GOES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like running an airline and spending 0 $ for maintenance and spending it on something else to better the bottom line. It catches up after while. IMHO


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