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30 pounds of cocaine found on American Airlines plane brought to Tulsa for maintenance

An American Airlines employee at Tulsa International Airport was conducting maintenance Sunday afternoon on a Boeing 757 and found one of seven bricks of the drug, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Casey Roebuck said. ( さらに...

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mike SUT 6
Wonder if the plane had white powder caked on its nose and that was the giveaway? :-)
I think mules sampling the wares is frowned upon.
SFOBro 1
Fastest leg of that flight EVER!!!
Thats one way to inspire the employees to work faster.
Posted earlier at:

Something (else) seems amiss.
According to FA, SKB0-KMIA route shows AA flying Airbuses.May have missed it, but didn't see any 757 Sat or Sun.

Out of curiosity, if they were too busy at MIA to do this maintenance, what were they working on?
I could be wrong but I think AA does heavy checks in Tulsa.
They do have a Heavy Maintenance Facility there.
Does MIA usually do the work needed on this 757? The article mentioned a scheduling issue.
Some of the lighter maintenance yes... But not to the point of overhauling the plane like TUSLA would!
I believe, thou, that it was sent to Tulsa for just routine scheduled maintenance "The plane was initially scheduled for maintenance in Miami but was deferred to Tulsa due to a scheduling issue."...looks like AA MIA is gonna get their maintenance team placed under a microscope again.
Again? You mean the stopped? If that's the case, maybe they should also look into whoever took the eyeball off them.
I believe you are correct
Meanwhile, in Columbia, someone is saying, "Seven bricks? We put ten on that plane, didn't we? Someone go check on that..."
SFOBro 1
And you don't want to be the guy that was handed the 10, that's for sure!
Too bad there's no good way to prevent this from happening overseas and keeping it out of the US.
There is a good way, STOP USING THE DRUG and the market having vanished will kill the flow. Duh! Maybe if the rich and famous spent time in jail for using, the problem would go away.
The 18th Amendment comes to mind. The Portuguese decriminalized drugs and have had fairly good success dealing with it as a public health issue. Besides, if everyone stopped, the DEA folks would have to go out and get honest jobs.
Worked wonderfully for alcohol during prohibition...
After the 30 pounds of cocaine were discovered, the workers handed over all 28 pounds to the Sheriff's Office. The 25 pounds will remain in the evidence room until the perpetrator(s) are caught, at which point the 22 pounds will be transported to the courthouse.
Your numbers are off. Of the 30#, 26# was coke, 4# was insulation. Other than that, your numbers on shrinkage are might be a little low. The 4# of insulation will make it to the street for sale. As Mr. Behling noted elsewhere 10 of the 7 pkgs started the journey.
Just glad Im not working AA maintenance at MIA.
bbabis -1
Not to mention ground and security personnel in Bogota. That could have been anything put on the airplane.
I watched a documentary. silver or lead.
The pilot, known as "snort" amongst his colleagues sniffed at the suggestion that the cocaine was his.
SFOBro 1
What a blowhard.
This has been going on for years.
Ron Nash 1
What about the other 130 pounds stashed in other cavities on that 757? You'd need to tear the aircraft completely apart, to find it all!
can I pick it up at the oversize baggage counter?
Did it have TRUMP printed across the side
SOMEBODY MESSED UP. AT THE DUMP! oh, wait! the Tulsa airport!
The clever comments here are entertaining. You all act like, “oh, what a surprise”. While anyone who is “flightaware” knows full well AA, delta, united, etc. are the biggest mules, and this goes on every day for the last thirty years.
Am I a pilot? no. Then why am I such a know-it-all about this subject?
For thirty years I owned a liquor store in south tulsa, frequented by AA employees of all “stripes”. I heard things. According to a guy, whose name may or may not be, Jeff, the first time contraband was detected being transferred in this manner, the employee in the SA country was terminated. A couple weeks later, after a meeting, that may or may not have occurred, with “some people” AA was informed if they didn’t look the other way, planes would inexplicably start falling out of the sky. In a decision made to not secede their entire SA operation, they decided to re-instate the previously terminated employee and the skies remained friendly. Mixed metaphor I know.
So now, day in day out, on every flight out of SA guess what happens? Prior to 9/11 it was a bag thrown on the plane at the last minute. If I were gonna guess, the ground crew messed up. Couldn’t get all the product on board and just “stuck” it where they could. The poor sap at tulsa maintenance who was not in the loop, and found this, will more than likely shoot himself in the back of the head twice. Then write a two page suicide note.
I may or may not have made this posting.
Sounded like the AC service was intended to be done at MIA and shifted at the last minute due to workload. 7 brick loss is just the cost of doing business in that industry.
If all that "may or may not" is true, can't really blame AA, but what a sad commentary on the state of affairs!
And why do you think the Tulsa maintenance guys would do that when it was suppose to be done in MIA???..wasnt their responsibility for a Joel said, it's their loss and cost of doing business in that industry
Ron Nash 1
Paul - These are the same tactics the Cosa Nostra, the L'onorata Societa, the Camorra and the Sacra Corona Unita use - and all of these groups will be operating on a large scale in this "business" in SA.
The staggering sums of money involved (the drug industry is reputed to account for 10% of Italys GDP), means people can be bought at the highest level- and it would not surprise me one iota, that the higher levels of law enforcement in DEA are being paid off, and possibly even senior management in AA is being bought off, as well.
All of the above global crime groups run very tight businesses, and they ensure that those businesses continue to run tightly and smoothly, using any form or style of inducement as needed.
Laws, morals and ethics, are seen as impediments to the business operations of these people.

The solution to the drug problem is simple.
Western medical chemical companies should produce all the known drugs, very cheaply, in a guaranteed pure form, with advice on use attached.
The drug-dealing industry would disappear overnight, and drug use would decline.
However, that does not suit the massive "industry" of lawyers, judges, police, DEA, correction institutions, etc etc, who would see their workload and income greatly diminished.
Neither does it suit those who are on the receiving end of kickbacks that allow the drug-dealing industry to flourish, despite Govts throwing hundreds of billions at it annually.
Prohibition proves you wrong. 😜
Ok, that was supposed to be a ;P
Since our current situation is analogous to prohibition, I disagree. One problem with Ron Nash's solution is that the raw materials and precursors for the 'medications' would still, in large part, come from locations currently controlled by the cartels and their analogues. I could see where they would shift from providing 'product' to 'components'; that would reduce their profit margins considerably but not completely eliminate them.


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