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Santa Monica Airport will close in 2028 and be replaced by a park, officials say

Capping decades of legal battles and protests, federal and local officials announced an settlement Saturday to close Santa Monica Airport in 2028 and immediately shorten the runway to limit jet flights. The city of Santa Monica has been fighting to shut down the general aviation airport — long a favorite of celebrities and business leaders — contending it is unsafe, noisy and pollutes nearby neighborhoods with potentially harmful aircraft exhaust. Aviation interests and the Federal Aviation… ( さらに...

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This is a loss for GA interests, and I am sure that we have not heard the last of this from folks like AOPA and NBAA. Deals like this set a dangerous precedent, and prove, at least to me, that the FAA is a toothless lion as far as being a regulatory board.
There will never be a park there. That is just pretext to get the land back for ruthless developers that will sprinkle pennies into the pockets of politicians and reap hundreds of millions in rewards.
A park would never get a clean EIR to be built. There are many more places the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica could set aside for recreation, but they would need to compensate so whining weenies that pay $100. a month for their apartment. The current crop of complainers were not born before the airports 30th birthday, and it would four of them to break an IQ of 100.
linbb 4
Well here goes all of the idiots again down in wigged out SoCal they got there way. And soon to come other items on there agenda.
Wigged out SoCal, eh??? Yeah, we're just a bunch of psychos out here. We all hate airplanes of any kind. Oh and don't get me started on those pesky helicopters. If man were meant to fly...blah blah blah...linbb you're basically a troll who should disappear like Esquire because generally your remarks are pretty worthless. The plan to do away with KSMO is a city issue rotred in politics and not the "entire state" as clowns like you think.
JD345 3
Someone suggesting politics is uniquely bizarre and irrational in California, and particularly the LA area? The nerve!
I live in California....and the state is controlled by wigged out libs.... I'm old enough just to laugh at it..when it gets too bad I'm taking my money and leaving...
As a life-long Californian, I have observed that the reason the voters elected Democratic party members to office is that the Republican party self-destructed proposing policies repugnant to the minority of people who actually voted. Wigging is not limited to any party.
life timer.too...and agree/...
Chris B -5
Obama didn't like GA, neither does Trump.
Sure about Trump? With his own 757 it would seem odd he would be hostile to GA.
Trump backs GA completely, and always will, how else will his kids fly to meet him when they cant make it to Air Force One.

"A White House directive requiring federal agencies to eliminate two existing regulations for every new regulation could require a major overhaul of the Federal Aviation Regulations."
Obummer sure liked and used AF1, which is the ultimate in a GA-like toy.
Like ALL Repugnant's haven't raped the government to enrich themselves and fellow corporate welfare thieves, get an education.
Also a CA lifer. So sad what the liberals have done, especially to So Cal. The Republic of Santa Monica is one of the best examples of what's wrong here. As someone who has enjoyed the convenience of GA this is troubling and probably will lead to other local airport closings.
Correction: People's Republic of Santa Monica
Feel free to move to a ignorant redneck Repugnant state.... bye.
The desert Kingdom of Arizonastan is right next door.
"Rooted" in politics.
indy2001 13
So they plan to close down a thriving, successful, historic airport and replace it with a park. How does that make sense in perpetually cash-starved California? The airport, its vendors, and its users pay plenty of taxes (federal, state, and presumably local). The facility doesn't require any money from the city/county/state to operate. The park, on the other hand, will bring in zero tax dollars but will cost the city/county/state plenty of additional cash to maintain. And parks aren't the pollution-free havens their proponents make them out to be. For example, 200+ acres of grass will require lots of fertilizer despite the fact that fertilizer runoff has become a significant problem. I like parks as much as anyone else, but this doesn't seem to be very well thought out.
Your points are not compatible with the alternative facts driving the policies of the City (People's Republic) of Santa Monica. Those noisy airplanes to not fit with the world view of the Prius and Tesla driving populace.
That's funny Joe, I like it. I've been watching the city kick SMO around now for some 46 years and you just knew it had to happen eventually.
Every time you see a prius, God pulls the wings off another puppy.
I always they were called Precious. At least that's how the owners think they are driving that car.
josh homer -1
I agree with your sentiment but California has a surplus.
They must be teaching "new math" in California schools. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, California currently owes a debt of $443 BILLION; meanwhile, according to the LA Times, the state revenues are about 44 Billion while spending is currently at $68 BILLION a year (and increasing). The school I went to taught me if you have 44 apples and give 68 away, you have to go borrow 22 more apples. That's not a "surplus".
30west 1
Yes, the current CA budget has a projected surplus equal to less than 1% of its debt. CA's debt exceeds $464,000,000,000.
And they want to secede from the United States all because their shoe-in candidate did not win the WH. Arizona, Nevada and Oregon should begin lobbying Congress for money to start building a wall to keep Mexi-Cali within their own borders. Mexi-Cali? I'm predicting California will have to align with Mexico if for some unforseen reason they do secede, they will need another country to float their increasing debt and maintain their 'lifestyle'.
Well, I'm a Californian, and I don't want to secede. I love my country, the United States of America, and I would never weaken her like that.

Some may not like us, but that's their problem. California completes the USA, in many ways represents the very best of the USA.

Way I see it, CA and USA ride the rough patches and we will surpass.
If California somehow manages to secede it'll be a tossup as to what country invades and takes them over. Provided, of course, that when they secede our federal government takes with it or renders unusable everything federal funds paid for, including all our military bases. They want to go their own way out in the big wide world? Fine, go, but you're not taking anything the other 49 states paid for with you.

Of course, that would never happen. The wimps in Congress might let them go, but will insist on giving them some lovely parting gifts to take with them. Ah well, it'll still be a tossup who takes them over, Mexico, Russia, Japan or China.
FACT, California GIVES more money to the Feds than it receives. California is tired of giving their money to the ignorant redneck deadbeat Red states.

Oh and also, no rednecks allowed into California whos economy if it were a country is the FIFTH largest in the world.
Adios then! Have fun learning Spanish or Cantonese!
joel wiley -1
To follow your wall scenario, how about including one around Florida to stop the refugee influx there. It would have the additional benefit as a sea wall against the rising sea level.
Tom Bruce -2
California is broke...
Typical Repugnant lies.
militello -1
A surplus of fruits, nuts and flakes but not money
They closed an historic and useful downtown airport in Chicago because the mayors wife didn't like it, stranding many aircraft that had to use the taxiways to get out.
Not to mention, where are they going to get the water from.....cheaply?
Foxtrot789 13
That airport has been there longer than ANY resident... and they bitch about it being there. Hello morons, YOU KNEW YOU WERE MOVING IN NEXT TO IT.
AOPA and NBAA should go ahead and offer assistance to aviators and aviation businesses currently on the field to move immediately. Why give the aviation-hating Santa Monica communists another 11 years of tax revenues generated by aviation? I also think if a municipality decides to shutter a public airport, they lose all federal funding for transportation infrastructure.
That would assume that different agencies communicate much less co-operate with each other. And, if I am not mistaken, it would take Congressional action to achieve. Among other things, it would have to determine transportation policy, and who regulates it. Just because a facility is locally owned, doesn't mean it does not have regional if not national significance. This should be under the guise of FAA policy and regulation. But as I said before, the FAA is a toothless lion.
Shut-er-down and build a park! that's the ticket...the Venice Beach crowd needs another hood to hang out in. Run off businesses that generate the tax revenue that keeps the idiotic politicians in business...recall what Margaret Thatcher once said. That's the CaliWay...class warfare politics at it's finest...if it wasn't for those Rich airplane people, we could have a nice park for All the Peoples. Please secede from the Union.

The flying orgs are wasting their time, effort and money on this burg, There are the cases where best to cut and run...and this is one of them. I feel sorry for all the jobs which will be lost at the airport and by others employed by all the peripheral businesses which rely on the airport. But you'll get a park with snowcones and juggling clowns...guess that's more appropriate for the community.
Mimes, you forgot mimes. You need mimes in a California park!

The airport property will be a "park" for exactly as long as it takes city council to find the highest bidding real estate developer.
227 acres of new multi-million dollar high-rise buildings is going to make for a butt-load of tax revenue.
It is now, and always has been about the money!
Tim Marks 13
Expect the bulldozers to come in the middle of the night...this is shades of Meigs Field all over again. The FAA knuckled under to the city (People's Republic) of Chicago to work out a deal to close the lake front airport (also a hub for business jets and GA aircraft). Before the deal could be finalized, his highness mayor (dictator) Daley brought in bulldozers in the wee hours of the morning and destroyed the runways. In process stranded several dozen aircraft on the field, including some expensive business jets, that all had to be dismantled to be removed from the 'new' city park. As Indy2001 stated, no more revenue only a tax burden on the city after they got their way.
The planes stranded at Chicago Meigs after the runway was eXed were able to depart on a 3,000 foot taxiway.
Should have required the city to rebuild it !! with Daley being the chief digger @#^&#$%#
How does this happen?
Meigs Field was a virtually unused airport except for a handful of the wealthy with terrible crosswinds off the lake. Glad to see it GONE!
AWAAlum 4
I used to fly the helicopter service out of Meigs to O'Hare ... and you can believe me when I say, I wasn't wealthy. Meigs was a great little airport and soooo convenient. (Oh, and you forgot to use the word "Repugnant" in this post. Stay sharp, Randy.)
I grew up in Elmhurst and know the Helicopter service shutdown for lack of customers. YOU didn't own the helicopter, so as I said only the wealthy used the airport of which its use was very limited and even then its use was impractical for many reasons including weather. Glad to see it gone. GA definitely has its place but the Meigs location is not one of them.
I guess someone who actually knows something about this ought to weigh in. I have live right next to SMO and was the FAA computer guy there for 11 years. Know the politics and the players well but could not until I retired say anything. This tragic decision was driven by a wealthy group of individuals in Sunset Park at the west end of the runway. They created and funded an interest group with their money, made political contributions and hired high end lawyers to make their case in court and with the city council. They pressured the council to raise landing fees and revoke the vendor's leases. There was an actually city referendum on this and the airport supporters lost by a narrow margin. After they drove the flying schools out as well as most of the small aircraft, they then made the case that the field was a jet port for the rich. All because they bought cheaper property in the flight path and wanted to increase it's value. In the end, they outsmarted Harrison Ford and the pilot's association who moved but not fast enough or early enough to stop them.

Nevertheless, the FAA still had all the cards: a perpetual lease, the ability to take over operation of SMO and the strong motive not to allow communities to do this. Unfortunately, the Director caved and I and many of my former colleagues believe this will be a template for a general assault on urban GA facilities. It is sad, selfish and unnecessary. By the way, all us on the Westside of Los Angeles hear the drone of LAX all day, everyday and are below the southbound flight path to that facility. Closing SMO will not end the aircraft noise.

The only saving grace of this agreement is the establishment of a park. The People's Republic of Santa Monica is old news and not descriptive these days. Politics there now are driven by retail and commercial development which generate taxes to support city services. Many of us LA adjacent folk believed the council's hidden agenda was development of the airport land for this purpose (certainly the FAA believed this) with a commensurate increase in traffic and congestion which would not heavily affect most of Santa Monica but would heavily impact the surrounding communities. At least that will not happen.

By the way, I enjoy my life a mile from the Pacific Ocean in the state which has 10% of the US population, generates 16% of federal tax revenue, provides 13% America's agricultural output and is the sixth largest economy in the world. I can ski and surf in the same day or visit any of our nine national parks. From the redwood forests in the north to 1100 miles of some of the most beautiful coastline in the world to the mighty Sierra Nevada to serene emptiness of the Mojave, I can find any climate and any recreation I desire virtually anytime. Two of the great cities of the world are located here and many of the nation's great Universities including UCLA of which I am a grad call the Golden State their home. We rock.

No need for secession. The rest of the country will catch up eventually. Come on out. The lifestyle and the economy are fine and we welcome all immigrants here even from Texas.
Sadly, Californians are moving to Texas not the other way. Too many of them are bringing their bad habits. I could handle the avocado on every meal, but keep the height taxes and massive regulation.
Well said - We've been saying the same thing for years about California -
In fact snow skiing in in the morning and then hitching the boat up in the afternoon is fairly common. But the unenlightened who also call it Cali (which we never have) assume were just a bunch of freaks. The same ones who love Trump and try to compare him the CALIFORNIAN man REAGAN was.
As a born in and self supporting Texan I respectfully decline your magnanimous, though begrudging, invite. Why are there so many CA license plates running around the Lone Star State if things are so utopic in the great state of utopia. It is a beautiful and bounteous region with politics run amok. Berkley, anyone. It ain't about aviation anymore, it's about the great divide of a once united nation that cannot stand the divide. Flown in and out of SOCAL, hell, all of CA. many times and always loved the environment. I used to ride an Elsinore,(that's a Honda), And now days I would tanker fuel so as not to contribute a dime more than necessary to the coffers of the illustrious Barbara Boxer. This site is as illustrative of the countries divides as any, politically, AB, Boeing, Rep., Dem., race, you name it. Thanks for making it, "even from Texas". And I love airplanes. Cheers
I am not really sure how any thing I said led to your "self-supporting" polemic but good for you for having an opinion. Will have to talk to former Senator Boxer, though, about our Texas invasion plans. Clearly the word is out.
polemic, a strong verbal or written attack on someone or something. Even from Texas!
Bentwing really your a "Self supporting" Texan...

Joe gets up at 6:00am to prepare his morning coffee, filling his pot with good clean drinking water because some liberal fought for minimum water quality standards.

He takes his daily medications that are safe to take because some liberal fought to insure their safety and work as advertised.
Joes medications are paid for by his employers medical plan because some liberal union workers fought their employers for paid medical insurance.

He prepares his morning breakfast; his bacon is safe to eat because some liberal fought for laws to regulate the meat packing industry. Joe takes his morning shower reaching for his shampoo; His bottle is properly labeled with every ingredient and the amount of its contents because some liberal fought for his right to know what he was putting on his body and how much it contained.

Joe dresses, walks outside and takes a deep breath. The air he breathes is clean because some tree hugging liberal fought for laws to stop industries from polluting our air.

He walks to the subway station for his government subsidized ride to work that some liberal fought for that saves him considerable time and money in parking & transportation fees. Joe begins his work day; he has a good job with excellent pay, medicals benefits, retirement, paid holidays and vacation because some liberal union members fought and died for these in the early 1900s. Joes employer now only pays these standards because Joes employer doesnt want his employees to call the union.

Joe has his good job because he attended public schools and a state college ALL supported by tax dollars that a liberal thought was a good idea for society.

If Joe is hurt on the job or becomes unemployed hell get a worker compensation or unemployment check because some liberal didnt think he should loose his home because of his temporary misfortune. Its noontime, Joe needs to make a Bank Deposit so he can pay some bills. Joes deposit is federally insured by the FDIC because some liberal wanted to protect Joes money from unscrupulous bankers who ruined the banking system before and AFTER the depression. Joe has to pay his Fannie Mae underwritten Mortgage and his below market federal student loan because some stupid liberal decided that Joe and the government would be better off if he was educated and earned more money over his life-time. Joe is home from work, he plans to visit his father this evening at their farm home in the country. He gets in his car for the drive to dads; his car is among the safest in the world because some liberal fought for car safety standards.

Joe drives on the Interstate built with Federal tax dollars. He then turns onto to State, County and City roads all paid for by tax dollars, of which taxes are socialism.

He arrives at his boyhood third generation home that his ancestors couldnt have bought but for the Farmers Home Administration because bankers didnt want to make rural loans. The house didnt have electricity until some big government liberal stuck his nose where it didnt belong and demanded rural electrification (Rural Repugnants would still be sitting in the dark). Joe is happy to see his dad who is now retired. His dad lives on Social Security, a government entitlement that his father paid into his whole life, that Repugnants keep trying to take away, and his union pension because some liberal made sure he could take care of himself so Joe wouldnt have to.

After his visit with dad he goes to his local airport, thats subsidized and maintained by the government to go for a short flight. He checks the weather thats provided by NOAA and uses the FAA for flight services ALL paid for through socialized funding, via the government; in which people that dont use aircraft have NO say to stop this funding.
On the way home Joe turns on a talk radio, the shows host keeps saying that liberals are bad and conservatives are great. They dont bother to tell Joe that his beloved Repugnants have fought against most every protection and benefit Joe enjoys throughout his day.

But Joe COMPLETELY agrees with the Repugnant radio talk show, that we dont need those big government liberals ruining our lives.. after all, Joe says Im a self made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have my whole life.
AWAAlum 5
Are you high ?
Yes, I'm high... high on education, high on facts and high on informing the uninformed hypocrites of the world that believe they alone have conquered the world.

Additionally, I revere what our forebears have passed on to us including the Greatest Generation without whose sacrifices we'd be nothing, yet people today are clueless, empty shells of humanity.

We were warned by the Greatest Generation what would transpire if left unchecked but sadly most have been brainwashed by "Alternative Facts".

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched... a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed" - General Dwight D. Eisenhower

That quote is from a REAL hero that earned my respect and my undying gratitude unlike the bloviating clown car the Repugnant's have become.
Thanks for the history lesson from the ground level. Do you think they will follow through with the park, or shift to an alternative income-generating use?

Your para on Calif is spot on. Welcome to retirement.
They had better do the park. Do not have any idea what the enforcement clauses are but the Federal government will still have the lease and control I believe until the airport actually closes. Even though I am not a pilot or aircraft owner, I believe it is in the our interest to provide GA services as well as other types of commercial and recreational uses to the public. I'd be happy if they'd reverse the agreement. I hate NIMBYism. It is unAmerican.
So you ALSO love the 2-3 hour drive to anywhere in LA?
Well said Scott, except California's economy, if it were a country, is the FIFTH largest in the world AND people actually have rights and protections from the Corps. scheming ways, unlike the Red states.
City of Santa Monica is a Lobbyocracy. The city politician who gets the most money from a developer wins. But hey, that's America... How do you tell who is a winner? Money
The new mayor works for a condo development firm. Taking the citizen's part would be a conflict of interest.
AWAAlum 4
Geez, Randy Marco ... have some ice cream and relax you poor thing.
Randy Marco is a troll and has earned the fate of the esquire. I don't need the abuse and he is welcome to set foot on my front porch, where the second amendment still holds sway.
Interesting riposte, bentwing. While I am not sure this is the appropriate forum for Mr. Marcos comments, he clearly detected my problem with the tone of your "Self-Supporting" reply. I will point out that it was you that went off topic here in response to my waving my state flag (I am proud to live here). My gentle poke at Texas was meant as humor but clearly not to you. Instead, you composed a gratuitous and rambling political diatribe which puts you at risk of being called out. And called out you were. From the intelligence level of your response, maybe you ought to keep your posts to matters relating to airports and aircraft for which you possibly have more talent and information.

I regret I included the California paragraph because my purpose was provide an local take on an issue of interest. I hope all here will accept my apology.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Well they gave up on this one - to protect against losing the battle at KSMO and setting a precedent for future snow jobs. Horrible ! Even the crime of Closing El Toro (for good) and keeping the never expanding KSNA was a slap in the face, to future generations having the ability to grow in the region.
This airport existed long before any development took place in the surrounding area. I have no sympathy for people who chose to move close to this airport and THEN complain about the noise, etc.
Wow, the Indians were here first and we not only complained, we killed them AS we drove them out. So I guess YOU should lead the movement by ceding your land back to the Indians or are you just a hypocrite.
Heard the FAA is getting some new head person (or something like that) next month. Which they can overturn this plan next month with Trump. Hopefully AOPA and others can put pressure on them to overturn it to.
I feel that this closing is about LAX being able to fly over the Santa Monica airport...
When the new runway at LAX opens. The city of Santa Monica traded private jets for commercial ones. I wish the City council would just say this about tax revenue and not about safety of the citizens.
As former FAA, traffic issue has been dealt with for many years. There is close coordination between the SMO and LAX controllers on air operations and strict rules for pilots using either facility. After all, at present, a direct line from 24R at LAX and 21 at SMO cross about a mile or two off the coast. This really is about a powerful neighborhood interest group and a city council that does not value the airport as a local and regional asset. I don't think they care if it's a commercial development or a park. The want the field closed and don't care about the loss of revenue. As noted, it is the FAA that has caved here basically giving up when they had winning cards. It would cost the federal government to take over operations but the expected revenue would probably cover the expense. I believe what they have done is give other NIMBY groups across the country ammunition that will force other closings. A sad state of affairs.
"...risk of a serious crash in surrounding neighborhoods..."
Well,gee. Might as well eliminate all air travel.
.... if it saves just ONE person it will be worth it.
It wouldn't save lives. If you mean closing KSMO, aircraft will go elsewhere which doesn't reduce the crash rate. If you mean closing air travel, death toll would rise, as air travel safer than on the surface.

I was making a sarcastic remark about one segment of political thought that if banning something that they don't like saves JUST ONE LIFE the banning of said activity was worth it.
This is exactly what the position taken by the city council. Ridiculous, particularly since a 100 aircraft a day fly over the city to land at LAX.
The park: will it have designated areas for dogs, with poop scoopers and everything? Then surely it is worth it.
this is a rip off, and the faa needs to get real here. The city is in violation of covenants and agreements, and ought to get chastised in federal court in full public view. Then the blue angels ought to bring their sound and fury show to the airport and damn the noise restrictions. California is not in need of new urban parks, including those that don't generate revenue like the airport.
The end of a very long era -- too sad!
If I lived in Santa Monica, I would move. I totally agree that the motivation is not for a park.
But you DON'T live in Santa Monica, so your post is moot.
Which means that you, also, are unqualified to make remarks about any location other than the one in which you currently reside. Please keep that in mind when you have the urge to opine or run the risk of someone finding your posts to be, shall we say, repugnant.
Oh but your ass-umption is wrong, FAIL.... I live there half of the year and have for the last 15 years. Oh but on the other hand YOUR bias is plain as day.
Where you reside is irrelevant. Your reply was designed to imply that his comment was moot because he didnt live in the area being discussed. My point to you is this...on any topics dealing with areas in which you arent a resident, by your own standards, you may not comment or voice your opinion. My bias is towards open forums in which opinions arent stifled and against those who would perpetrate such actions. Enough said. I cant imagine anything else being gained by continuing this debate. Be well.
Joh6 first you said "you, also, are unqualified to make remarks about any location other than the one in which you currently reside"

I said "I live there half of the year".

Your next post was: "Where you reside is irrelevant"! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

John you are absolutely correct.... There is nothing to be gained in attempting to communicate with irrational people. Good day.
Reminds of the insanity in Chicago when the Mayor Daley (idiot) closed Miegs Field downtown in the middle of the night. Lies, dishonesty and liberal policies. What has happened to the FAA?
Forget the next generation - only rich people fly ... WRONG ! kids are inspired and lives are changed - no airports in California should ever be closed - when, (not if) the big quake hits will need every single possible strip - another reason how stupid it was to turn EL TORO into a park -
They've lost their minds ....
Someone told Huerta that he was getting the heave-ho as soon as Secy Chao came on board. So he went rogue and did this awful and totally unjustified deal with the lib-prog SM City Council. Hopefully, Ms Chao can reverse this highly partisan move in very short order!
Some of the SM council were against the plan; they intended the closure to be 2017 or 18. Opinions vary. At his level all positions are CEA (Career Executive Appointment/ Career Ends Abruptly) and serve at the pleasure of those who serve at the pleasure of someone further up the chain.
Please mark these words. This airport will never become a two hundred acre park. Not ever. The city politicians will come up with a development plan that will allow very rich contributors to acquire ground to build an office park without an airport and everyone will get "campaign" contributions for an eternity. That is what this was always all about and thoughts to the contrary are naïve. Then they (the self-same politicians)will conveniently ignore the noise, traffic and loss of open spaces when they approve the project. Who are the losers? The people, just the people.
Local officials angered that they have to wait 11 years to close Santa Monica Airport can always just gouge giant "Xs" in the runways with bulldozers at 3 am like mayor Daley did in Chicago to our beloved Meigs Field.
crk112 0
Yes and we could argue from that example that local officials would most likely get away with that. I bet they don't last til 2028.
Now that the airport is closed it is time for Sanata Monica to close all of its streets and highways to gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Exhaust from these is a cancerous pollutant and recent studies have shown cognitive impairment in those living near busy highways. Could this impairment have affected the Santa Monica city officials resulting in their execrable decision?
skyddog 1
Well.....I'm not so happy about that! I can only imagine that the cars and trucks in the area and dogs in the airport dog park (yes, they have one) create more pollution than the airplanes.

But, it you must close an airport, make sure you open a new one somewhere else before hand. Now, just where did you have in mind for that, Mr./Ms. Santa Monica?
The FAA totally rolled over on this. One charter operator has already said they are out. Others to follow. Huge loss for general aviation.
Worked so well with Miggs. Perhaps LAX should be Next
If you don't want an airport near your home - go buy or build somewhere else ??????
It's been there since the 2nd World War and I think it stands-out for all to see ???
At least they had a chance to put up a fight and map out some sort of a plan unlike what Daley did to Miegs in Chicago
Reminds me of Miegs Field in Chicago. Lies, politics and poor decision making seem to rule. FAA, help!
crk112 0
California should secede
From what? Its own separate reality?
ADXbear -3
The State wants to succeed from the USA.. I really think they should and build a wall along the Nevada Border.. those people are so different than the rest of society, its really beyond description, I was so glad to have escaped there after a short work stint.. never again..
Actually the secession movement in California involves the resurrected "Great State of Jefferson". You might try looking that one up. And no, it doesn't involve KSMO.
I don't know where you're getting this info about California wanting to secede, just some lame idea from a group of idiots which are found in every state of the union. As a lifelong resident of California, your broad brush remarks are stupid and ignorant. I'm sure whatever state you reside in has it's own flaws as all do. I may be from California but at least I can spell "secede". Oh and I'm pro KSMO in case you wondered. (KSMO means Santa Monica Airport, in case you didn't know what that meant).
unfortunately, the group of idiots are running the state.. I live in Cal, too
bentwing60 -2
It's the great state of Caliloonia, as Joel stated earlier in this thread. I doubt that 70% of the last 10 years UCLA graduates can spell secede either. And Joel wasn't that guy. So when you and gubner Moonbeam get tired of the invasion, let alone the voters with an ID card and no legal address, get back to me. I live in TX. Lots of your folks seem to be coming my way.
Not wanting to get off the KSMO topic, but wasn't there a Whitehouse petition a few years ago on Texas secession? of the 125,000 signatories, how many were Texas residents?
bentwing60 -1
Can't say, but I wasn't one and that was our version of gubner Moonbeam. I believe he is proposed as the head of the department he was going to get rid of, but, he can't remember which one. He has nice hair, plenty of charisma and not an honest bone in his body.
use Trump's vetting procedure to avoid allowing Calif libs from entering Texas..
We are the land of Reagan too, just FYI there TOM !
Short sighted and insane to close GA airports, especially in densely populated areas. Those airports are necessary and useful. It is much better to limit the types or aircraft and hours of normal operation only.

You and I both know it will be developed with either commercial/industrial or housing in the end.
AWAAlum 0
Don't know for sure, but, wouldn't the ground be too saturated with jet fuel to turn this land into a park?
that's history there, keep it going.
pblasman 0
This is sad. That airport holds a lot of aviation history. The old Douglas plant was adjacent to the airport. Lots of aviation firsts were developed there.
Where do you think all the money is coming from to build all those homes ?


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