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Blue Angels Boss Relieved

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thats terrible.....

What is?
that he resigend.... I mean he did his job but they messed up.
Ferguson Sam 0
obviously, from the statement, there have been other instances of "irresponsible actions. To me, the whole thing is nothing more than a waste of gas, and an exhibition for the sake of our military machine.
At least he took resposibility for mistake and stepped with honor.
Stepped down, that is
Toby Sharp 0
@ Ferguson - everyone is entitled to an opinion. Don't believe yours will be one that is read twice by anyone on an aviation website. Waste of gas? your statement is a waste of time. Good day
Ferguson Sam 0
@Toby-well I may be proven wrong, even with an unpopular opinion, but I (and you) are paying for that "gas" and that military with borrowed (read: printed) money. So lets all just sit around and wait and see how it plays out and not say anything "unpopular".
All I gotta say it," gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire!" Blue Angels demos are one of a kind experience and a for one am bummed out the show on sunday was cancelled
indy2001 0
I don't know about the exact formation that was being flown, but at least two of the other pilots (the wing and slot) visually cue off the #1 lead aircraft during formation flight, completely disregarding their positions in relation to the ground. If #1 flies into the ground, then other aircraft do as well. Sadly, this has been seen in other similar squadrons, including the Air Force Thunderbirds during a practice in 1982. I just saw the Blue Angels a couple of weeks ago in Indianapolis, and there was no sign of trouble then. But it only takes a momentary loss of concentration to lose several good pilots and their aircraft. If you've seen them in person, it's something you won't forget (and are unlikely to call their existence a waste).
Greg Creedon 0
Here's a video of the incident, allegedly:
Root User 0
I have mixed feelings about air demonstration teams. On one hand it's absolutely awesome to see a team like my Snowbirds pull off a flawless show, it's a testament to the pinnacle of aviation skill. I do see the public side too, it could be considered an unnecessary risk of men and equipment.
No question the Blue Angels former commander made the right choice. He didn't want any baggage burdening the squadron.
Anthony Dale 0
Let's see - a year or so back the 1st Lady and her pals flew several of OUR a/c to Europe to lobby for the Olympics. The following day our prez took AF1 and all of the other required a/c over there for the same purpose. That's what I'd call a waste of "gas." I'll fuel up the flight dem teams anytime.
rsmath 0
Air demonstration teams certainly aren't a waste of gas. They are helping to recruit people into the military and they must be doing a good job because I don't think anyone has been drafted into the military since vietnam - it's been all volunteer sign-ups since then.

I don't think one incident is worth a resignation - just a probation. If it was one of lots of unprofessional incidents, then a resignation is warranted.


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