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U.S. Airlines And Travel Agencies Drop Face Mask Policy

The bulk of U.S. airlines have dropped mask mandates in response to yesterday's court ruling striking down the April 13th extension of the transport mask policy. ( さらに...

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avionik99 4
So I can imagine that some airports will still demand we wear them indoors? And remove them upon entering the aircraft? Anyone see this happening?
Roger Anderson 4
Many are following the TSA guidelines and are dropping them as well.
Greg S 3
O'Hare yesterday. Sign on the entrance doors saying "City of Chicago requires masks in the airport" but American didn't require them on the plane and the flight attendants were not wearing them.
michael totty 4
Yes I foresee this happening at airports whose local jurisdictions have an indoor mandate. Judge Mizelle's decision only vacates the illegal action of a federal executive agency.
michael totty 6
Thank you Judge Mizelle for a well-reasoned decision that on Patriot's Day reminded us that we are a Republic whose laws flow from the Constitution and not ruled by the whims of government agencies or men.
clarify 1
I'm guessing you're not a lawyer. I'm not. But a couple of errors in your comment. First, mask mandates are not a whim, the evidence that they're effective at limiting spread of an airborne virus such as COVID is substantial (a frequent poster here's frequent citing of the so-called "Danish study" notwithstanding). I've perused Mizelle's ruling and she relies on the narrowest possible interpretation of the word "sanitize" and its various forms to achiever her apparent goal of striking down the mask mandates involving travel. Second, the Constitution does not prohibit Congress from empowering federal administrative agencies to manage large swaths of administrative law. Congress, after all, is not expert in public health, the control of disease, the intricacies of aviation, and so forth, so they've created agencies to manage the details of all these.
michael totty 1
The effectiveness of masks is not the central question of this case. The central question is did CDC act in a legal manner in issuing the mandate. Judge Mizell considered at length the meaning and context of the term "sanitize" at the time the law was written and as it appears within the law. Judge Mizell at length discussed and annotated within her decision the reasons CDC acted illegally; thus making the mandate not enforceable. Congress can not empower any agency to violate the Constitution or laws flowing from the Constitution. The judicial branch has the responsibility to review and strike down illegal agency actions thus protecting the rights of all citizens of the Republic.


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