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Up To 36% Of Airline Business Travel Won’t Return After Covid Pandemic Ends, Study Estimates

A new study by IdeaWorks and reported by the Wall Street Journal is the first detailed look at the long-term impacts Covid-19 could have on business travel. I, along with three other travel professionals, designed the study, conducted the research, and reached out to others for comments. Its conclusions are eye-opening: that between 19% and 36% of airlines’ business traffic base will not return to the skies. ( さらに...

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ADXbear 2
No surprise, businesses have had to come up with alternative ways to conduct business and eliminate expenses in these lean times. There is no need to go back to the old ways.

The flying model has changed, airlines need to adjust or die, they need to improve the features and comfort for the leisure traveler, or they will find other ways to get to there desired destinations.
David Kay 1
It's terrible news for those working in the airlines as well as aircraft and engine builders. I have some empathy. Thousands in related businesses that rely on travel are affected. By the way, I like airplanes, traveling to interesting places, and seeing friends when I get there.
mary susan watkins 1
businesses have found working online and doing business via skype or even cell phones has been working for them, and employees and employers are getting used to it..not all business necessitates travel to another location,and skype and zoom and the like are a cheaper and safer alternative..


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