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KC-130 crash in Mississippi

A Marine KC-130 transport aircraft that took off from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, crashed Monday afternoon in Mississippi, killing 16 service members, a Marine Corps spokesman said on Tuesday. 20,000 feet, structural failure? ( More...

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My receiver covers that area of operations. I don't see a way to pull my logs for saving, can someone from Flight Aware answer if they can save the logs around around this time? I am assuming it would be MLAT only. I have not seen/heard what the aircraft's Mode-S information is.
linbb 2
Looking at the pictures and some of the comments about crew found outside of the main crash area sounds like an inflight breakup. You will notice there is virtually no sign of motion at the crash sight almost vertical decent possibly a flat spin for some reson.
My point bring, if Flight Aware has integrated logs for the synced receivers, it would be prudent for Flight Aware to save them, since an aircraft like a KC-130 most likely does not have good if any black box data. Also, I assume that if Flight Aware does have detail records from our receivers, or has any of these records produced from or supplied by our receivers, as a rule they don't save them long term. Thus, FLIGHT AWARE if someone is reading this look into holding that data.

laferrierem 1
I run Virtual Radar Server on a Windows machine on my network the logging. It provides maps with a little more detail and is customizable. It allows you to search by date, tail number etc and is pretty flexible. VRS is free to use I believe as well. It doesn't use a lot of overhead on whatever machine you install it on and it can receive data from several feeds to display on one map.

FlightAware as well as the other services save ADSB data. However, many military flights, as well as people that have requested through the FAA have data that 'may' be kept but not shared through the websites.


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