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Germany plans compulsory drug tests for pilots

Germany plans to introduce legislation requiring random testing for drugs and alcohol among the nation’s airline pilots in the aftermath of the Germanwings Airbus A320 crash in March, according to media reports Dec. 27. Germany’s transport minister, Alexander Dobrindt, was quoted as saying that a task force from his ministry looking into the circumstances behind the crash, in which 150 people died, had recommended the measure, placing responsibility on airlines to conduct such checks. ( さらに...

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My big question is, why do they not already have that in place...
linbb 2
Amazing that it wasn't in place its like a third world county would do.
Should me mandatory for every airline period.
Had to do that for years here on 135 ops, just part of the job!
As a German, I do not know why everyone is shocked. Germans do not have the culture, for pete's sake Did you know that France allows their pilots to drink wine while flying the atlantic. & thats inbound to the U.S.A.
They could do drug tests until the cows come home, but how do you ferret out a pilot with a screw loose?
Check the drugs he taking including prescribed ones. If he's being treated with drugs they will show up in the profile if he's not being treated it will show up in his personality.

*Note: when I say he I include she just for equality.
Interesting. I am surprised that Germany is so far behind the power curve on the issue of drug testing and all that implies for safety within aviation. Maybe the European model of safety pursued with such vigor by some in the US isn't all it's thought to be?!


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