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Air Traffic Control (ATC) strikes are destroying air traffic and economies across Europe

Ryanair has made this dire statement about the on-going ATC strikes in Europe: ( さらに...

EasyJet receives the 300th Airbus

Luton - The low-cost carrier easyJet has taken possession of its 300th Airbus, an A320ceo, deployed on its new route between Berlin-Tegel and Cologne-Bonn. ( さらに...

China Airlines Freight 747 Touches Down in Grass at Chicago

A China Airlines Freight flight on an ILS approach to ORD 10L touched down on soft ground, hitting a wind sock. The aircraft went around and safely landed with minor damage later. ( さらに...

Lufthansa Group sets new record for fuel efficiency

Fuel consumption dropped 4.5% to 3.68 liters per passenger / 100 kilometers... ( さらに...

VIDEO: Crash Truck Dash Cam: AA 383 Fire at O’Hare

Every video of the response to the uncontained engine failure of a Boeing 767 (American Airlines Flight #383) on departure from O’Hare International Airport contains a wealth of information about the incident and the fire department’s response to it. While the overall theme can be appropriately summarized with “Job well done,” there are certainly lessons to be learned. (And they have been.) ( さらに...

Norsk Titanium wins Boeing authorization

Norsk Titanium now produces parts for Boeing, a major step for the company that intends to hire hundreds of workers for its Plattsburgh plant. ( さらに...

The first Boeing 777 goes to museum

Hong Kong - The first Boeing "Triple Seven" WA001 goes to the museum after 24 years of service. The aircraft built in 1994 belonged to the passenger fleet of Cathay Pacific since 2000. ( さらに...


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