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EasyJet receives the 300th Airbus

Luton - The low-cost carrier easyJet has taken possession of its 300th Airbus, an A320ceo, deployed on its new route between Berlin-Tegel and Cologne-Bonn. ( さらに...

The Marine Corps has lost its first F-35

An F-35B that erupted into flames after a faulty bracket issue nearly two years ago has been struck by the Marine Corps, making it the first loss of an F-35 for the Corps. ( さらに...

PAX Stops Man Trying to Open Emergency Exit Door Mid-flight

WHY OH WHY ARE PPL TRYING TO OPEN THE DOOR ON A PLANE EN ROUTE? (Can it even be opened mid-flight?) ( さらに...

An infinitly more interesting topic than another broken Boeing squawk.

Flight Aware either does or will track these in real time some day, (no ADS-B I suspect), and regardless of ones opinion of Mr. Musk, he and SpaceX have dramatically raised the bar for lift to space. Even Bezos is chasing them. And read the associated comments for a significantly higher order of intellect on said topic, or not. Love them rockets! Thanks, Torsten. ( さらに...


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