Hotel or Restaurant at HBI

Kickback Jack's+1-336-626-4001
Comfort Inn+1-336-626-4414
Brew Bakes+1-336-629-2253
Fairfield Inn & Suites+1-336-626-9197
Quality Inn by Choice Hotels+1-336-626-3680
AVS Catering+1-336-672-0927
Holiday Inn Express+1-336-636-5222
Hampton Inn+1-336-625-9000
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Maintenance or Aircraft Services at HBI

Randolph Hangar Rentals+1-336-498-2839
Asheboro Regional Airport Hangars+1-336-625-6120
Flying Leaf Aviation, LLC (maintenance)+1-336-626-3600
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Aircraft Rental or Flight School at HBI

Cardinal Air, LLC+1-336-625-6120
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Other Airport Business at HBI

NC Aviation Museum and HOF+1-336-625-0170
Hertz Rental Car+1-336-625-5411
Red Bird Cab+1-336-886-5001
Bill Schwabenton, CFII+1-336-457-7062
Enterprise Rent-A-Car+1-336-625-0560
Victory Junction Gang Camp+1-336-498-9055
Cox's Harley Davidson+1-336-629-2415
Randolph Hangar Rentals+1-336-498-2839
Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce+1-336-626-2626
Hoffman Auto Rental+1-336-625-4630
NC Zoological Park+1-336-879-7000
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