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I would add the P51 and the F16

Written on 04/12/2024 by Tomer Ariav

My First Flight at 2yo was on a Beech 18. GSO to DCA.

Written on 04/12/2024 by William Tolar

Can't find the plane - there is no threeholer to be seen...

Written on 04/12/2024 by stratrevival

Lovely shot composition.

Written on 04/12/2024 by YetAnotherPlanespotter

My 1st post so sorry I cannot supply all aircraft details I think 2 Kittyhawks 1 Spitfire 2 Mustangs and 1 Avenger? + 1 local swallow.

Written on 04/12/2024 by Peter Junk


Written on 04/11/2024 by Iam Goitia

You have to correct it yourself Helio. Cool shot!

Written on 04/11/2024 by Dave Sheehy


Written on 04/11/2024 by Helio Bastos Salmon

Isle of Man registration

Written on 04/11/2024 by rebomar

Flot billede,i gammel SAS bemaling

Written on 04/11/2024 by Michael Hultmann

Who is using your username to take this stuff?

Written on 04/11/2024 by warmwynds

Nice Shot with the heat no less.

Written on 04/11/2024 by Diana Rose

Fer shure!!! Keep those props whirring else it looks like all 4 lost power at the same time. WHOA!

Written on 04/11/2024 by Diana Rose

4 wheel drive?

Written on 04/11/2024 by Derek Ferris

Wow, a blackout helicopter 😀

Written on 04/11/2024 by Dustin Kempf

thank you very much @michel charron

Written on 04/11/2024 by Alexandro Dias

were you in a case plane taking this photo?

Written on 04/11/2024 by Brian Wilkes


Written on 04/11/2024 by CHRIS ROBEY

Thanks Alan. So as far as my camera setup goes, I usually just shoot on Sport Mode in .RAW format. Once I get home I edit them all using the latest Lightroom Classic. If you have any further question, feel free to reach out to me here:

Written on 04/10/2024 by Tyler Girouard

Written of

Written on 04/10/2024 by Lars Baek

@Colin Seftel: thanks for the correction. I've updated the category.

Written on 04/10/2024 by Shabbir Bashar

Nice Shot Uwe!

Written on 04/10/2024 by John Giambone

Those were and are beautiful aircraft

Written on 04/09/2024 by Mark Ryalls

Fixed wing multi engine
(63 seats / 4 engines

Written on 04/09/2024 by de17walt

My father and his friend co-owned this aircraft back in the 80s when it was based at 1C5. I remember a few Sunday trips to Lake Lawn Lodge in Delavan, WI for breakfast.

Written on 04/08/2024 by ibpilot72

That modified T6 crashed in 2017 not far away from Winston. Wonder if this engine problem was a pre-cursor. Neat looking AC.

By the way, your title calls it a Cirrus.

Written on 04/08/2024 by Tom Glass

This photo was taken in November of 1978.

Written on 04/08/2024 by Ralph Copenhaver


Written on 04/08/2024 by Alexandro Dias

Linda foto

Written on 04/08/2024 by Alexandro Dias

Absolutely beautiful 💯 stars 🤩 for the queen 👑

Written on 04/08/2024 by captain naman

final silk...

Written on 04/08/2024 by Peter Kiss

Copy that Brian............the big thing in the sky for us today is the eclipse in a few hours. Hopefully will be able to see the 80% sighting as predicted. You will be getting some solar eclipses down under in the future.

Written on 04/08/2024 by warmwynds

Yes, sales brochure material for sure.

Written on 04/08/2024 by Tony Watkins


Written on 04/08/2024 by Scott Woody

warmwynds this site is in a bit of a shambles at the moment. Poor to very poor Photos getting through that should not be etc etc. It's lost its way a bit I would say.

Written on 04/08/2024 by Brian Wilkes

The sites is NOT recording view/votes. There might be a couple of dribbles but this feature has been down since Saturday.

Written on 04/08/2024 by warmwynds

Great photo . The Arizona flag paint is so well done .

Written on 04/08/2024 by Rick Hoffman

What a beautiful airplane

Written on 04/08/2024 by de17walt

Really nice paint.

Written on 04/08/2024 by Tom Glass

One great design feature of the 44 is the single point fuel drain(s), situated near the starboard side wing step to easily check for any contamination.

Written on 04/08/2024 by CHRIS ROBEY

Think that's the original paint job? A very classy bird, indeed.

Written on 04/07/2024 by Tony Watkins

for those who actually care about the VIEW/VOTE feature, for all practical purposes stopped working sometime on Saturday. Hopefully, their marvelous software will be up and working when Houston returns in the morning to fix it.

Written on 04/07/2024 by warmwynds

I do wish people would put some detail into their posts; things like a/c type, airport & registration would be nice!

Written on 04/07/2024 by Julius Thompson

16L is still active, I'm assuming you mean 16R?

There is some major work going on with the taxiways on the 16R/34L side so passenger traffic has been unable to vacate it to the terminal. Currently only military options, charters, and cargo use that runway due to the S. Cargo ramp and main Cargo ramp being unobstructed.

Written on 04/07/2024 by lancaster12344

Very beautiful!

Written on 04/07/2024 by Matt Du

Very beautiful picture!

Written on 04/07/2024 by Matt Du

Nice one John!

Written on 04/07/2024 by Darryl Sarno

That 767 is SFO Fire training aircraft. I believe it is ex ANA JA8275.

Written on 04/07/2024 by King F Hui

It's like an old race plane. Not ugly.

Written on 04/06/2024 by Gustavo Arriagada

I second David Underwood’s suggestion. I’m sure there must be a full sized hanger door to get this beautiful aircraft out to a paintshop.

Written on 04/06/2024 by Thomas Brouwer


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