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(Cockpit Video) A380 landing in SFO

Great multi-camera video of the A380 landing in SFO. Air traffic and pilot audio included. ( さらに...

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0:42 Absolute frustration about which approach to expect!
I can't believe some people actually disliked the video.
chuckmtl 6
Amazing video ... amazing aircraft!
Now that my friends is a professionally produced video of excellent quality! Gracias!!!!
Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.
Collin White 2
Thank you for taking the time to watch it. Not my work, obviously, but found it interesting. Thought the video was about to be over and looked down and it was only about 10% through, but I was hooked.
Good share Collin White... Love my city!
One of the best videos I have seen of this genre. Exciting views of the SFO area and great commentary.Thanks, Lufthansa.
I really enjoyed watching this beautiful aircraft approach and landing - amazing, the world's largest passenger plane!
A great educational video, that should be watched by aspiring pilots as well as technology people. This is a great career motivating tool for our young generation. Keep on showing them here.
I thought it was well done and put together like a pro. The diffferent angles and highlighting key landmarks was a nice touch. If you are in the business you know how easy thaey made it look. I love LH and know that they do a great job. Above the wing and below the wing operations are sometimes tough to unite. They always get it done with class !
prancer 2
Very nice..brings back alot of memories. My first flight into SFO was 1962 and my last was 2005.
thank you for sharing.
Great compilation from various perspectives. Impressive technology.
They all bounce...this a frikken Navy landing.
Fantastic video. Professional approach.
Fantastic video! Where's the other part?
Great to watch especially in HD and very clear comms also!
chuckmtl 2
Question ... to those of your with a lot more experience than I do ... why did the pilot repeat the word "retard" when he touched down on the runway? I'm curious.
actually, I apologize, I was incorrect. It's actually a reminder to the flight crew to move the thrust levers to idle
its an automatic signal to retard the descent as you approach the ground. The computer is reminding you to flare.
It varies a little by plane but it is a reminder to the crew at touchdown to reverse thrust.
Yeah..damn thing could do with a parachute at times.
Not totally sure, but after the computer recorded call out for retard, I think he repeated it as he actually did it. My guess only but I think pretty close.
For what it is worth W I think this thing normally lands with a hell of a thump The damn machine takes some stopping and I think the guys are keener on the early deck contact ASAP rather than a gentle flare.

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LOL. That will dang sure slow the descent.
When when you get an odd minute will you take a look at that Tupolev that over shot the runway on landing. So me thing failed brakes and some say thruster stuck.
I heard somewhere that brakes froze
staggering amount of glass in that cockpit. I think jump seat is for the maid with a bottle of Windex.
Something that big, I'd want a lot of glass. I like that tail camera. Looked like another Captain in the jump seat and I didn't see any windex.LOL
You know what W..I think Air France always have three up front on this A388. When you work the costs out the extra pair of hands are really cheap when you got 550 plus souls aboard. I am not sure what the other operators do but to me three is the minimum on the flight deck.
Well, this was Lufthansa and I have never seen the inside of a 380 cockpit, but probably not a lot different than that of a 747, which I have seen although never flown. I can remember back in the day that 2 men up front took a lot of getting used to as basically, the same jobs done by 3 were now done by 2. That said, a lot of the mundane stuff that the FE did was combined/consolidated so it wasn't that bad as long as everybody was on the same page
I honestly thing that the third pilot engineer is making a comeback. I hope so anyway. Oh by the way you can't retire yet cause you ain't finised exchanging insults with me on here. Hahaha
Well, I have been back in the air some and will be part time after the 1st of the year. My old company bught a CRJ200 and had it fully mod in/out. We got it Dec 1 and have had it up playing with it some. I'll be training a couple of new guys this next year and flying the old man around a couple times a week. At least that's the plan. We were thinking about 2 years at first but I don't think it will take near that long. Besides, I kinda liked that back porch this past
chalet 1
Flights lasting more than 8 hours got to have a third and sometimes fourth flight crew member depending on hours accumulated, all as per current regulations.
Seasons Greeting Chalet! Servus!
Thanks For the GREAT job
Fantastic video - thank you very much
oowmmr 1
Fitting production for a magnificient aircraft.
Nice vidéo Nice landing.... Thank's
What a great landing, with such an amazing aircraft.
Shame it is ugly
This video is great!!
Great Video. Thank's
Superbes images. Atterrissage parfait
Thanks for a brilliant utube.
Really cool! Thank you.
Gostei muito meus Parabens a toda equipe feliz Ano novo
James Konkel 1
Great weather for its arrival especially into an airport that can be very dicey at times!! Fabulous video as well.
I noticed that too. Basically VFR; must have been an afternoon arrival and the fog gone. I didn't check time of day.LOL
AWAAlum 1
Captain to Ground "Good afternoon, or, uh, good morning". Could have been late morning since the fog had burned off.
AWAAlum 1
Oops - Left off his last word "Good afternoon, or, uh, good morning, rather".
Are your folks still in HS Village, and if so, did you go in there for Christmas this year. If you did, how'd you like all the snow?lol
This is a great video
Fantastic piece of video. The pilots always seem so relaxed that their skills are hidden from view
One always thinks that because 1 is PF and the other not that one has nothing to do. Note that both were busy. Note that the AP came off and Cap had control. As you say, there is just so much there that gets taken for granted
Thanks Collin an excellent video.
Wow that was great, thanks for sharing
Supervideo. Danke schön.
It's gone viral ... Aired on TV show "Right This Minute"
Nice to see the Captain actually take over and land the thing!
That's what the PF is supposed to do. I would have thought that Auto Pilot should have come off quicker but I couldn't reall see the panel and that may be an AB thing or how he had it programmed. He must have been PF, as I never heard him take the AC back from the FO
telepathy W...that's the big new thing..telepathy
I have often flown into San Fransisco and wondered what it's like on the flight deck during the approach. Now I know. Great video,thanks to all involved. Great stuff and thanks for sharing.
Wonderful video from a wonderful city! Thanks Lufthansa & Co. for sharing
If only Wilbur and Orville could witness what they started! Only can imagine what an approach to SFO will look like 100 years from now!!
Tres Beau video hd super merci
Great video...thanks!
Proud to be European
It makes you proud to be Europeon
Really enjoyed ! Thanks for posting. Happy New Year.
Enjoyed that very much. Thanks so much for posting.
Those gentlemen made it look easy.... Piece of cake
So beautiful and so interesting ! many tks to LUFTHANSA and his pilots !
Great video. Thank you!!
Great, been there many times, but this was a first in the A380.
Not an unusual Lufthansa landing. Get the aircraft on the ground as soon as possible & hit the brakes...the cost of replacement brakes is a lot cheaper than overhauling engines where reverse thrust has been over-used.
Not true with all LHT ops, This 388 baby takes some stopping..landing mass is around 400 000kg yup that is 880 000 lbs or 400 tonnes.

LHT will change the FM call outs to suit themslves. They think clearer than the French haha

Notice the 3000 feet toga limit. LHT chargees higher ticket prices but if you like predictability and peace of mind...thr prices are worth it.
Sorry, but what is "LHT"?

I know Lufthansa by ICAO DLH and IATA LH.
AWAAlum 2
I Googled LHT and here's what Wiki says:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lufthansa Technik AG (short “LHT”) is the leading manufacturer-independent provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for aircraft, engines and components. The Lufthansa Technik Group consists of 32 companies with more than 25.500 employees. It is a 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa (Lufthansa Group).
The most important product of Lufthansa Technik for maintenance and overhaul of aircraft is Total Technical Support TTS. This product integrates all services of Lufthansa Technik.
So, nothing to do with Lufthansa passenger operations or the A380.
It doesn't appear to but I think that Roland and several others are using it as shorthand just not knowing the ICAO codes
Yes I see..thanks for pointing that out. LHT gets a lot of work from lots of airlines. The Qantas 388's get maintenance there. The Australian crew's would like it done in the UK though. Now it is not for me to comment why the Aussies are shy of the Germans.
Sehr nettes Video, Danke für den Einblick :-)....ob der Kapitän wohl aus Franken kommt?
AWAAlum 1
Er hört sich Französisch nicht an.
Franken = Bayern= Deutschland ;-)
AWAAlum 1
Ich stehe korrigiert. Vielen Dank.
Looks light my post did not register. This was a really first video. The crew seem to be so relaxed at this critical time.
awesome! those pilots are german cool, just another day in the skies with the RED BARON!
A beautiful video. Many thanks! And best wishes for a Happy New Year!
One of the most complete cockpit videos I've ever seen. Shows multiple camera angles including several from the ground. Great stuff!

Because of the water cannon salute upon arrival, I'm guessing that this may have been either Lufthansa's inaugural flight on the route or the first landing of the A380 at SFO.
one of the 2 if not both. I wondered that but it doesn't say
btweston 1
Really good video.
Anyone know the length difference between left and right runway?
10L/28R 11870

10R/28L 11381

It's all on FA; call up KSFO and go to the info tab
Thanks W...anyway does your outfit carry stuff for USPS? if the speelings ain't right..too bad... I lost my damn specs If you are plabbing a career ext W I would consider lasics for close far vision is damn site better tahn the younger kids.
No cargo, just pax, all planners and consultants.
Lasics will work wonderful on single vision but I am in trifocals and have been for several years. It all corrects to 20-20 so it gets past the medical. I ain't gonna worry about it now. As a matter of fact, me and wife just had exam Friday and we will be getting new ones in a week or so.
oooopps see what I mean.....hahaha
Thanks... we sometimes get odds and sods in parts from USA suppliers and the USPost tracking system is wunnerful compared to ours in Europe. Love the way you ship stuff from Houston up to Chicago and Otegon stuff down to LA. Great system. Yeah well this year I am sick of grazing in the fields and I think I will take up an offer from a Polish firm. The Germans have overcooked themselves on prices and since the Nazi beheaded my uncle I think I will give 'em something to think about. They offered me a job three years ago...tough, Rock on.
Great experience watching this cocpit view Thanks for this wonderfull videdo
Excellent, I love this video
merci tres bien fait bien aimer. i from quebec canada thank you everbodys. happy new year..
I enjoyed this excellent video. Thanks for sharing.
Those German pilot are really good. I might not be able to fly that machine if it called me a retard three times when I was about to land, jeez.
AWAAlum 1
Talk about inappropriate.
I told you all LHT customises the software haha.....this insistant command is perfectly acceptable to those who are German.... LHT once ripped out all the Microsoft stuff and got Siemens in to redo the whole fleet.
AWAAlum 1
I was overreacting I suppose to his use of calling a person "a retard." I really really think it's offensive.
Donna, a word of explanation. The voice you hear saying "retard" is computerized. Modern aircraft like this one are computer controlled all the way to landing (but the box accepts pilot input for course, altitude, etc.). Just before touchdown, the computer automatically reduces engine power to idle speed when the aircraft is above the runway (that quiet moment you experience just before landing). However, it doesn't physically move the throttles back to the idle position. The auto voice is reminding the pilots to manually "Retard" the throttles to idle to match the actual engine speed.
AWAAlum 1
Re my reply below, sorry...I had assumed it was your post, but have just noticed you were explaining for someone else. Anyway, as I said, I completely understood it was a computerized reminder. It was Mr. Wernicke's reference to "a retard" - in spite of all that's been written since, it's still an inappropriate thing to say IMHO.
AWAAlum 1
Thanks, Michael. However, I realized that. I was referencing your comment "if it called me a retard". As I said I'm sure I overreacted.
interessante per neofiti del volo
Great video thanks for sharing.
interessante per neofili del volo
Interesting.. I'm quite used to hearing "Lufthansa xxx heavy" on the radio, but apparently this monster has its own new designation.. "Lufthansa xxx SUPER"...
I heard that too and wondered if the FAA had made a new designation. All I have ever heard was HEAVY. The actual requirement on HEAVY is as follows:
"The "heavy" designation refers to an aircraft that is certificated to operate at a maximum gross takeoff weight greater than 255,000 pounds. It doesn't matter what it actually does weigh on takeoff, but whether or not it is certificated to operate above 255,000 pounds."
A notable exception is the 757. Now I think that only the -300 gets in that weight category
but most contollers give the entire 757 fleet the HEAVY designation because of wake turbulence, which was one of the primary reasons that the designation came out in the first place
I notice that link/notice that Martin posted was dated in 2007. I didn't retire until 2009. I just flatly missed that one. By the same token, most of my flying was domestic at that time and I just never crossed paths with one. I remember back in the day when the twins were all coming out, it startled me that the 757 got included in the heavy designation on account of the the wake T.
FAA has made the "super" designation for the Airbus380. See the notice at the following link.
I am dang glad there ain't that many of them, with the spacing shown here, even for heavies. That beast is just too big. IMHO

And BTW Martin, tks for the link.
Martin, are they into DFW yet or do you know? I know that the qantas 747's are but I didn't know if they had gotten approved for these beasts or not.
Sorry Preacher1, I don't know the status of A380's & DFW.
It stands for "super-heavy" in fact
Thank you.
Very great video.
Great video...loved it!
Amen! This has everything.
It is just a great video...thoroughly enjoyed it!!! PS...the last time we were at SFO, with all of the construction going on, our plane had to jockey for position, with several "holds" waiting for a space to open up so we could roll into our gate....never imagined a plane could be that agile with so many 180 degree turns just to get where we were going!!!
SootBox 1
What a fun watch... ticked that Korean Air A380 Seoul-ATL service has been delayed to later this year (August?), was supposed to start today.
Good educational video. Thanks for sharing.
Excellent, we should have more video's like this-very well done by all-thank you
thank you for shareing
Went to show this to a family member and it was gone! What a shame. Great video-very professional!
chuckmtl 1
I enjoyed this video clip so much. I wonder why it was removed from YouTube. Does anyone know?
A great video, however it has since been removed.
Malc 1
You can still see this video by going to and searching Airbus 380 landing. It is great still!!
What a shame it was removed!!!!!
Why has this video been withdrawn
AWAAlum 1
I imagine only the "poster" knows the answer to that. However, if you haven't viewed it as yet, it can be seen here:
What happened to the video? It was great!
Pity it was removed. It was 1 of 4 I think.
Thanks for the link Donna!
AWAAlum 1
My pleasure. Hope you found it equally as awesome as most of us.
You know what... the A380 is a Big Ass Tonka Toy...and I don't want to be a negative person but it's a disaster waiting to happen!

[This poster has been suspended.]

It's probably cause they aren't used to actually landing; they just use autoland all the time lol.
Dang Phil, you'd gripe and complain if you were hung with a new

That said, it definitely was not a greaser, although I wonder if one can do any better in that beast.
No one can do better than this....he is LHTs "top gun"
Looked to me too like a bit of a bounce on that one.
Nah this is as good as it gets ... believe me. The landong of the 388 is of exteme concern. This really is as good as it gets and the computer can do much worse. The fact is that 400 tonnes is at the limit. Why do tou think thar the 747 and the 787 was developed? Technology at the limits. Not my fault.
I think Ben is right. The Captain was trying to show off. I have had a lot of 380 drivers tell me they use the autoland most of the time; keeps them out of trouble. We see why
Vídeo fantástico...!
Gostaria de receber mais videos como esse...!!
Просто по русски-офигенно.
chalet 1
Svetlana Kapanina..Chalet?
OK Chalet WTF did he/she say?
Go to google translate
W fgs man wtf do you think I am Einstein?
Ain't no big deal. Just go to Google and type in google translate and go from there. You can handle it. Chalet probably won't wake up til
W..I think Chalet has fallen out with me...samn shame caudfe she or she ahd a lot to offer in advise...seriously..female flight deck mermbers have so much ro offer....the Polish female engineers in particular...that's why I am so keen to work with 'em..Of courtse Boeing has one lady who really can fly... test pilot..Svetlana Kapanina is another.
Too bad I prefer Boeing over Airbus. I would liked the B-787 better! Although, Das ist gut! Danka!
Terrific video...well produced...


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