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Boeing plans new aircraft launch by end-year
Despite spending months pleading for patience, Boeing executives are now telling employees a launch decision for a new airliner aimed at the “middle of the market” (MOM) could (more)
Watch This Absurd 10-Minute Video on How to Land a Plane In an Emergency
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U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission probes Boeing
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Boeing Co. properly accounted for the costs and expected sales of two of its best known jetliners, accordin (more)
Hainan Airlines Launches Beijing to Tel Aviv Service
Flights from Israel to Beijing are to take place every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday using Airbus A330 aircraft. The planes will take off from Ben Gurion International Airport (more)
Expert: Close Calls in the Sky – ‘A Catastrophe Waiting to Happen’
A KHOU 11 I-Team investigation uncovers the rising number of close calls between airplanes as FAA statistics show the number of flights worked by air traffic controllers fell b (more)
When is a passenger reimbursement policy not a policy? Ask Air Canada
Beware next time an airline asks for volunteers to forgo a flight... (more)


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