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North American T-6 Texan (N29931)


1943 AT-6G


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Alan Brown
The Navy version is an SNJ, but it is still the same plane. Great photo! worth 5 stars at least.
Gary Kendall
Wasn't the AT-6,and the Navy version, SNJ, also known as the Harvard?
sam kuminecz Photo Uploader
Yes, harvard was the name used by the commonwealth nations, usually ones built under license by Canadian car and foundry (CCF)
sam kuminecz Photo Uploader
Harvard usually has a longer exhaust that has a heater built in for the cockpit for cold weather flying,
Leon Kay
When viewing World War II movies like Pearl Harbour and others in the Pacific battles, one can observe by having a close look that most Japanese "Mitsubishi Zero" planes are in fact Harvard's. Their appearance is very similar.
marcel van haute
it looks a Harvard ...
sam kuminecz Photo Uploader
1943 North American AT-6G Texan C/N: 168-583 (49-3449)
I have ridden in that airplane, which is wonderful, and the owner / pilot is an AWESOME person!
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