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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet (18-8761)


Landing at dusk with the tail hook down


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Is this aircraft connected with some Anniversary event? Noted the yellow ring circumferencing the "British" roundal? What damage can be expected to the tarmac with the hook down?
Todd Royer Photo Uploader
I would imagine not much damage to the runway surface as the hook has a flat face that contacts the ground, as for the paint is was to recognize the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain
Dave Sheehy
Nice catch!
David Gorter
My question would be: Why is the hook down since the plane isn't landing on a carrier? Or is the hook brought down automatically?
Todd Royer Photo Uploader
This was a low light display at an airshow, they lowered the hook because they knew it would throw sparks, just part of the show, besides its a Canadian CF-18, gotta use the hook for something.
Alan Brown
Great photo
I was a Chino that evening for the twilight show. Great show! Assume the tail hook had a different metal than normal because there were way to many sparks, as a former USAF controller I've seen tail hooks deployed before.
I was at Chino that evening. Great Show! Assume the tail hook had a softener metal than normal because there were way too many sparks. As a former USAF ATC'er I've seen the tail hook deployed before.
ken kemper
Splendid photo Todd...never seen anything like that at an air show
Charles OBrien
Great capture!
Is that not a maple leaf in there indicating a Canadian aircraft?
Todd Royer Photo Uploader
This is a Canadian aircraft with a Battle of Britain anniversary paint scheme
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