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Six Passengers Hospitalized After American Airlines Flight Makes Hard Landing in Hawaii

The hard landing of an American Airlines flight at Kahului Airport (OGG) in Maui led to six people being hospitalized on January 27. American Airlines flight 271 (AA 271) flew from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and landed at the main airport serving Maui at approximately 2:00 p.m. local time. The hard landing created minor injuries for one passenger and five flight attendants. All six people were later released from the hospital. ( More...

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sparkie624 6
All I can say... is that is one heck of a Hard Landing! I wish we could find at least 1 journalist who understands aircraft... Most cannot tell the Difference between an "Airbus" and "Huey"
Bayouflier 9
Does anyone else have a HUGE problem with this paragraph? "Any upcoming issues with American Airlines planes would likely occur due to winter weather, with many parts of the U.S. already seeing heavy snow and extreme cold. Although American does not operate the embattled Boeing 737 MAX 9, the carrier could also be affected by any other technical issues facing Boeing aircraft that arise in the future. " Just another fine piece of journalism from Aeroexplorer.
godutch 3
Purely agenda-based aviation media reporting (aka 'Fake News')
btweston 2
Tell the people who went to the hospital that it was fake.
godutch 1
Oooppps, sorry...specifically: "Fake News company"
C J 2
I think there's a bigger picture message to take away from this...I'm sure 99% of people on this site (admittedly I'm included in this) groan when an "aviation expert" chimes in on any event via a general news site (inclusive of all brands and political leanings). So if we all know that those experts shouldn't be listened to regarding our industry, why do we let our ideas be influenced by anyone on ANY topic based on what "experts" say in the news, on the internet, on podcasts, etc?
sparkie624 2
There is a very easy formula to explain an "Expert" - An "Ex"+"Spurt" = "A Used to be a Drip Under Pressure"
there is no explanation in the article regarding why there was a hard landing of the aircraft..anyone who has flown knows on occasion there are a few bumps,whether its the runway,the wind or maybe the pilots on board! there needs to be more explations as to what happened as well as the injuries..did the passengers get hit with a flying object?were they all belted in as they should be?did a seat come loose?whats and whys count!
godutch 4
Read the article...look how far into the article before the author identifies what type aircraft was involved. Amazing. With all the Boeing/Airbus BS going on, you can 100% identify this was written by either a Airbus fanboy...or...someone who knows NOTHING about aviation or reporting. What reporter would not identify the type aircraft involved in the 1st paragraph...regardless of the current situation with Boeing???
Greg S 5
I wouldn't be surprised if George Mwangi (who frequently posts aeroexplorer articles here as a user) is also the user we know and love as MH370.
godutch 2
...even the picture captions conveniently (and weirdly) leave off the aircraft type. Who does that?
Larry Toler 3
Another term for "fake news" is sensationalism. That's one way to get someone to read most of the article.
avionik99 3
No explanation for the hard landing, says the article. How about horrible piloting skills??
Cleffer -2
I heard that the plane hit the runway and went *boeing* *boeing* *boeing*
Larry Toler 4
Good one, but it was an A321neo.
sparkie624 1
Can you try that one again... I am trying to find the humor!


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