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Video of Fedex 1376 landing after hydralic failure and no gear

A Fedex Federal Express Boeing 757-200 freighter, registration N977FD performing flight FDX1376 from Chattanooga,TN to Memphis,TN (USA) with 3 crew, was climbing out of runway 20 when the crew stopped the climb at 5000 feet reporting a minor issue requiring them to work checklists. About 15 minutes later the crew indicated they needed to return to Chattanooga and needed some time to run the checklists, no emergency was declared. Another 5 minutes later the crew reported they still needed time to… ( More...

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coinflyer 2
Very concerning. Wonder if this incident might be related in some way to the spate of counterfeit aircraft parts...
blueashflyer 4
Why isn't my package here yet?

Tflys1 0
No new iPhone for you. lol I bet that FO needed a nap after that one.


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