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Inside St. Louis Airport as tornado hits

A flight attendant friend of mine caught the surreal video as the tornado hit St. Louis Airport yesterday. In the video a Southwest plane is pushed by the wind away from the jet bridge, then you see the passengers start running to evacuate. ( さらに...

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those people had an experence that they will remember for the rest of their lives as a tornado is nothing to mess with even in an area like an airport espically when they just witnesses an ef4 tornado as that was what it was rated
rwb2112 0
Looking at the direction of the wind, it's more likely the wind blew the jetway away from the plane.
I see that kind of commotion in a bar fight. I'm just saying. There's a solid six seconds of video worth watching but nothing more. It's not that big a deal.
Seems a bit funny that with a tornado in progress, they decide to evacuate everyone OUTSIDE! LOL
rwb2112.....look where the tow and the bar to the nose wheel are, the wind looks like it pushed the tail and moved the nose of the plane away from the jetway
I'd like to know what happened at the airport's highest point...the control tower. Two things seem likely. it would have been damaged to some extent. And the controllers must have a detailed account of what they saw. Even if they needed to go below before it hit, they must have seen the twister approaching.


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