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Airplane crashes during gender reveal party in Mexico, killing pilot

A pilot died during a gender reveal party when his plane crashed after dispersing pink smoke in the air above the gathering. ( More...

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btweston 40
I think they may have buried the lede here. Gender reveal parties are stupid.
21voyageur 14
more money than brains.
WhiteKnight77 7
Between forest fires and other ridiculous other happenings, people have gone off the deep end as far as wanting to share the gender of a baby. I think it was much better when there was no way to tell until birth.
strickerje -4
Blowing stuff up is over the top, but I see nothing wrong with the concept itself. It's a just milestone worth celebrating for many couples.
WhiteKnight77 1
Its narcissistic. Its one thing for a couple to learn of the gender of their unborn child, but once the decision to post it on social media is made, it has to be bigger and better than the last one they saw in many cases. One also cannot forget the man who was castigated for showing his displeasure at the gender reveal that showed he was not getting the child he hoped for.
Paul Ipolito 10
So more pilots have been killed at gender reveal parties than in commercial flights since the inception of the 3500 hour requirement? Hmmm.

Fire when ready! If this even gets printed.
Highflyer1950 9
Took a brand new Pawnee Brave 375 hp out for spin around the airport in ‘77. What a fun ac to fly and not knowing the age of this one, it probably had spar corrosion from all those hopper fills and many years of neglect? Still a sad day for everyone.
themold 7
PINK SMOKE? That was pink dyed water.
Sean Awning 17
Good analysis of how the pilot exceeded the maneuvering speed of the aircraft by pulling up sharply while releasing the pink water.
Jeff Steiner 7
Yes, as usual, Blancolirio never fails to add depth and understanding to situations like this.
That's the second half of the probability. The first half was when the loaded wing was suddenly unloaded with the drop, resulting in a flew down. That was followed almost immediately with a flex up when the pilot elected to pull up dramatically re-loading the wing. Regardless of the age and history of the a/c, that's a bad combination.
Dale Johnson 2
but I see these planes doing actual crop dusting and pulling up over a tree line or power line and the wings don't fall off. I would suspect something else was going on inside that wing. Loose bolts or cracked supports. Like why did only one side break. The other side broke when the plane crashed.
WhiteKnight77 3
It may have to do with how fast the weight change is, as well as where or how the weight is moving. Notice while they are spraying, the chemicals (whatever they may be) are being released from the wings trailing edge as a slower rate than an emergency dump in front of the wing where everything is released in mere seconds.

While the weight is changing during both operations, the speed of it is completely different, and in different locations, thus wing loading is different.
Todd Pease 5
At least the crashing airplane did not distract from the importantance of the moment..... Soo you're having a baby?
NX211 11
What gender does orange flame and black smoke indicate?
kherzer 6
Bandrunner 1
Good Omens, series two.
Tom Bruce 4
loved reading all the below.. Oh Boy...
Ken McIntyre 6
Wing spar snapped. Wow. What a way to go.

I was always suspicious of private aircraft while in Mexico. Mo way I'd fly on one.
HeissZephyr 3
Where did you see the failure point? Was it the spar or the support strut? Or, was it the strut or the fitting attach point?
WhiteKnight77 2
Watch the video above.
Ken McIntyre 1
Does it matter?
Ron Slater 3
Gender reveal party? Really? Nothing else to do in their fun filled life than to have a gender reveal party? Wow. This is what the world is coming to. The end is definitely near.
strickerje 0
I don't see anything wrong with it - it's a milestone worth celebrating for many couples. We had cupcakes with blue filling when my sister-in-law found out she was having a boy. It's hardly indicative of the end being near...
C J -5
Useful input, boomer.
Von Sigler 5
What a waste…kid will probably change genders in a couple of years anyway.
Dale Johnson 1
what the heck is a "gender reveal party"?? I've never heard the term. Guess I'm living in the dark.
Sam Ledeeman 1
You are all in rare form today!
Bandrunner 1
"The reason for the accident is unknown."
Hmm... the wing root breaking might just have had something to do with it. Possibly a shonky old cheap heap of crap, too.
When you fly aged air planes treat them like an older woman …..gently until you know their history.
greg cotten 0
Possibly the short rebirth of “Trans” World Airlines
Lot of humor on flightaware today.
bobinson66 2
I can't give this post a thumbs up or thumbs down. If only there were a thumbs maybe.

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btweston 21
I’m glad you were able to go over the maintenance logs on such short notice.


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