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US Transportation Committee approves controversial increase in pilot retirement age

The US House of Representatives' transportation committee has given the green light to a proposed increase in the compulsory retirement age for airline pilots. Despite pushback from pilot unions, the legislation, which would raise the age from 65 to 67, has been championed by regional airlines. ( More...

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aurodoc 4
I would need to see the fine print. If full retirement is still at 65 and one has the option to work until 67 if so desired then that is fine and may be a benefit to help younger pilots train. I retired from my partnership at 65 but I am still working at 67 this year because I enjoy it not because I have to and my tenure helps the younger less experienced surgeons gain skills.
belzybob 3
I'm surprised that age limits haven't been found discriminatory, as was determined in Australia years ago. The only limits there are on international flights due to the international standards. Domestic commercial pilots can continue as long as they meet the medical requirements.
bentwing60 1
What is the retirement age for a DC pol?
joseph smiel 2
I AM WITH YOU. retire the Politian's not the pilots.
btweston 0
Try a different website.


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