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Wizz Air rescued 1 of its 4 Airbus planes stranded in Ukraine in a daring stealth mission at low altitude

An airline rescued an Airbus plane stranded in Ukraine for seven months in a daring mission. Flightradar24 data appeared to show the WizzAir jet flying at 10,000 feet with its transponder off. WizzAir confirmed it repatriated the jet on Tuesday following an "in-depth risk assessment." An airline rescued one of its planes stranded in Ukraine in a daring escape that involved flying at a low altitude and turning off its transponder, data suggests. Budapest-based Wizz Air repatriated one… ( さらに...

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sparkie624 15
Article makes it sound more like "Airplane Repo"... Would love to see a video of them doing it!
mbrews 13
Hello Sparkie. While I also enjoyed "Airpland Repo" on USA tv, the conditions at Lviv dont quite fit.

Having followed the Ukraine war situation closely, Lviv is a big refugee and material transshipment point. Think "Berlin airlift" more than Airplane repo.

Here is a link, with photos showing the heart wrenching conditions in Lviv Ukraine

sparkie624 7
You are correct... They probably could have done a better Job in the Article as well.
Dan Chiasson 6
Agreed on the article. They don't call it Yahoo News for nothing! They conveniently left out the actual context as alluded to by @mbrews below. Cheap tabloid-style media reporting.

Jessica Cole 4
Thanks for the reality check.
Steven Williamson 5
Lol! I was just going to post the exact same thing! And if they had some actual video, at least it would be a real 'repo', as only the first season of that show are actual repos, seasons 2 and later are just 'recreations' of repo stories.
sparkie624 3
Yeah... Loved the 1st season... After that it just got totally off the wall and much of it was edited for audiences!
Stefan Sobol 7
10K' is hardly "low altitude".
SkyAware123 2
yep. 10,000 ft does NOT avoid you being seen on radar or dodge air defence. I bet Ukraine was aware this was going to happen. The only ,very minimal, risk was from a Russian fighter but I don't think they fly that far from the front lines. HEck they hardly fly near the frontline.
Geoff Arkley 2
You're right. Low altitude is defined as landing before the control tower knows you're there. Watch out for things like Cows and trees.
David Beattie 0
I guess it’s all relative. The plane normally cruises between 35-40,000 ft. so ten thousand feet IS very low. I guess for the X-plane phony crash lovers, there is a childish expectation that a commercial airliner would fly below the treetops at night.
SkyAware123 2
IF there was a true danger of being shot down you bet your bottom dollar it would fly near the tree lines.
Torsten Hoff 12
Lviv is only about ten miles from the border with Poland. That seems like a relatively short and safe trip.
mbrews 11
Yes, Not sure the terrain or whether could have flown even lower and shorter to the closer RZE/EPRZ Reznow-Jaisonica airport in western Poland.

Wizz, Lot Poland, and others continue to fly scheduled passenger flights to RZE. LOT Poland has even flown scheduled 787 service from RZE to EWR-Newark !! However, most are refugee or evacuation flights.

Given the distance and modest fuel requirement, uncongested KTW Katowice was probably the best choice
to move the bird out of Lviv
chugheset 4
Don't you think if Flightradar24 could see the plane so could the Russians?
Dan Chiasson -2
Indeed. Bet the Russians could tell the color of the eyes of the flight crew.
Bob Harrington 5
The Russians prefer to shoot down airliners full of pax.
sparkie624 4
Russians aren't that good... They just want the world to think that they are strong... Look at their losses against such a small country by comparison. Ukraine is not that big of a country, and they are holding up to them... I am starting to believe that the Russians are not the Super Power that they claim to be! I think they are filled with a lot of HOT Air!
SkyAware123 5
It's not even close to a super power. It's all been pretend. They design these supposedly great weapons of war like the armata and the hypersonic missiles. But when push comes to shove they either don't have any quantity of them AND the ones they do have don't work. All hype. All bluff. They are full of shit and are now paying the price for it. And I didn't even mention morale.
SkyAware123 1
hell no. A flight out of lviv ? The russians don't have a clue. They can't even hold a piece of territory right next to their own border ! lol
gcody5990 3
I sure hope they hire a new risk assessment team for the other 3 planes cause if they think flying at 10k with the transponder off makes them invisible to search radar they are horrendously wrong. Only reason this worked is cause Lviv isn’t anywhere remotely close to Russian positions. I’m sure they noticed and just didn’t care
SkyAware123 2
That's what the article suggested. In reality there is a high chance ukraine was informed about it. They probably flew at 10K to avoid any issues with pressurizing since the plane had been sitting for a while and it probably received no maintenance or checks. And it's not a very long flight either.
sparkie624 1
All turning the Transponder off does is that they do not know who or what type of a/c it is and cannot judge it/s altitude as well. But at night, gets riskier at night due to other potential traffic
Raleigh Truitt 2
Curiousity was expressed as to why they didn't climb up to normal cruise eventually. I gave a possible answer. Answered another way: fuel happens to be is a killer expense, especially for LCCs.
Dan Chiasson 1
And hey, perhaps the flight crew just had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play Rambo and took it. Surprise they did not do this at night and do it at even lower. Maybe little Tom Cruise was coaching them!
SkyAware123 1
flying at 10K is now 'playing rambo' ?????? lol. You need to get out more. Step away from that playstation.
Christian von Delius 1
10,000'? 100' is low altitude.
sparkie624 2
Kinds of Depends... If you flying over a 9500 foot mountain then yes!
Raleigh Truitt 1
It would take 3 times the gas to climb up to the mid-to-high thirties as it would just to let down out of 10K' and land. There is no point.
Dan Chiasson 1
On a short hop, yes less fuel overall. At least at 10k, they would be out of reach of small arms fire ! Attempt at sad humor.
Dale Ballok 1
Don’t understand your concern over fuel usage.
Ron Streetenberger 1
As in "taking a wizz?"
Art Murray 1
10,000' is "flying at a low altitude?"

Departure airport is 1,000' MSL.
Dan Hung 1
Low altitude? We use to fly B52s at 200 to 400 feetAGL
John Blackmore 1
I've had one fly over me in Wyoming heading North. It is impressive when your can see the rivets!
Ron Streetenberger -4
The word is "used". Is that your last name or are just bragging?
richard singelenberg 1
Why didn't they fly at normal cruising altitude after entering Polish airspace?
SkyAware123 1
Plane might have had potential issues. plus they were near the landing airport already.

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SkyAware123 4
reckless how? lviv isn't exactly the front line. Get a life.
Dale Ballok 6
Ha, ha, ha, the Ruskies got snookered AGAIN!
kherzer 1
The plane was recovered from Ukraine, not Russia - presumably grounded due to the hostilities.


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