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Airlines cancel over 100 flights daily from Amsterdam Schipol as restrictions are set to cut over 13,500 seats daily

As the staffing shortages continue at airports all over Europe, Amsterdam’s Schipol International Airport has been facing hours-long waits at security, baggage claim, and passport control. The airport has announced slot restrictions to cut over 13,500 seats... ( More...

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blueashflyer 3
This is seriously going to cut into my tulip harvesting hobby
Doyle Kaufman 3
I'm sure there's plenty of blame that can be passed around at the airport and KLM can "hold the airport responsible for any financial impacts" but keep in mind the original origins of this huge world problem and who's really to blame. Nobody even talks about it any more but instead simply complain about long lines and flight disruptions.
Joe Keifer 5
I will always hold China, and Fauci, accountable.
Joe Keifer 1
The Red Light district and flower bulb industry will suffer mightily.
mbazell 0
This is all part of a bigger scheme to force air fares up after decades of stagnant air fares and to increase profit margins. Just like higher fuel prices are here to stay, so are higher air fares. The days of discount fares are over.
Lorenzo Tanucci 4
Any proof?
Joe Keifer 7
No proof is needed when posting on-line.
Anton1 -1
The airport name is Schiphol not Schipol, like Heathrow also has the letter H in the middle so it is also not Heatrow. Why is this so difficult ? See this mistake on a regular basis, guess aviationweekly has no editors anymore but even my basic software warns me for it as a typo.
Jim Allen 2
They did correct it in the article.
Tim Dyck -1
That’s all you got out of the article? Most of us read for content and don’t care if there are a few spelling or grammer errors.


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