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The US Pilot Shortage: Everything You Need To Know

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issues ATPs, Airline Transport Pilot certificates, the highest level of certification a pilot can receive. The certification is for pilots, what a Ph.D. is for scientists. In 2021, the FAA only issued 4,928 ATPs, less than half the estimated number of pilots that the industry plans to hire this year. “The pilot shortage for the industry is real, and most airlines are simply not going to be able to realize their capacity plans because there simply aren’t… ( More...

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nemosteve1080i 4
The two legacy airlines I opt to fly, DL & UA, both have slimmed down services from my home airport (AVL) to their hubs. UA has slimmed down the most. Services to IAD are gone only to be supplanted by service to EWR which is not the garden sport of NJ. UA axed service to IAH long ago in a feud with WN of international landing rights at HOU. UA fought to protect international routes to IAH. WN operates international flights through HOU and UA passengers from AVL paid the price.

Why would UA shift flights to congestion prone EWR and it's stupid tarmac bus between terminals?

The regional carriers are the spokes that feed mainline legacy airlines. These regionals need to pony up and pay living wages to pilots and cabin staff. Without the regionals and decent flight frequencies, the legacy airlines will be a sore spot for fliers for years to come.

Is it time to repeal the Reagan era airline deregulation and allow airlines to charge a federally mandated fare for flights? I recall the paper version of the OAG showing only 4 fares F/Y/Fn/Yn. Those were the days!

Yes, I have allegiance to DL & UA. I'm multimillion milers on both.


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