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Tesla Model Y Allegedly In Summon Mode Crashes Into $2M Jet At Airport

Technology has a fatal flaw – humans. Whether it’s the ones designing or using it, humans are an integral part of how tech operates, including tech that pushes the boundaries of semi-self-driving cars. However, humanity’s infinite spectrum of decision-makers makes it impossible for any company to completely fool-proof their systems from human error, including Tesla. A video uploaded to Reddit captured CCTV footage of a white Tesla Model Y appearing to succumb to human error. The video captures… ( More...

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sparkie624 5
Make the Owner of the tesla pay for it... What Morons we have in today's world.
coinflyer 4
Let us hope the owner of the Tesla was also the owner of the jet.
Ed Kostiuk 2
The Human Factor will get you every time time
bbabis 3
And the computer factor will get you every time time time time...
victorbravo77 2
According to the article: "The function only works when the user’s smartphone is within approximately 6 meters (19 feet) of the vehicle."

You can't walk 19 feet to your car? Wow!
patrick baker 2
self driving cars is a deep black hole of never ending problems and bad performances. If you don't want to drive your own car, call a taxi or an uber. I can not ever trust a self-driving robotic system no matter whose name is on the ourtside of the vehicle, Tesla, apple- catering to folks needing the latest but not the best conceived systems to tittilate them.
bbabis 1
I agree Patrick that fully autonomous vehicles are not ready for prime time yet. But the biggest reason that autonomous vehicles are not ready is because of the ones that still have stupid humans driving them who are willing to risk their life and anyone else’s to save 30 seconds of driving time. If all vehicles were autonomous, we would all arrive on time and safe.
coinflyer 1
Or hire a chauffeur.
If only it had been Elon Musk's Gulftream!


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