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Laser Strikes At An All Time High With No Signs Of Decreasing

New numbers from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) show that incidents of people striking aircraft with blinding lasers are on track for a new record this year. The number of reported laser strikes climbed to 9,700 in 2021 from 6,852 in 2020, that’s a 41 percent rise and these numbers show no sign of decreasing, in Q1 2021 the FAA reported it had received 1,944 reports of laser strikes, in Q1 2022 it jumped to 2,275. Of those 9,700 reports in 2021... ( さらに...

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linbb 18
Am so over this crap its just like the drone deal and anyone who does the crime needs to do the hard time. Just like fake radio calls and possibly interference with aircraft radios and such one day those actions will kill aircraft passengers.
jmilleratp 13
These criminals will continue to assault pilots as long as they can get away with it. Hopefully, there will be better ways developed to find them.
Highflyer1950 5
Anyone have data on which windows the most laser strikes come through? Front seems to be less affected than side windows in a turn? Wonder if a mirror coating (like the sunglasses) on the side windows would reflect/deflect a projected beam away?
pjshield 4
Massive fines and MANDATORY JAIL TIME with NO exceptions would be a beginning to the end.
jmilleratp 3
Plus, put them on a national No Fly List for at least a year.
Ron Streetenberger 2
You call that justice? Nothing less than life in the federal prison in Colorado.
Duane Mader 3
Lawlessness in general is on the rise. No accountability for lots of crimes.
WhiteKnight77 2
The old saying of an eye for an eye comes to mind in dealing with said idiots who keep doing this. This is no different than speeding in a work zone. No one ever thinks that they could cause harm by doing such, but statistics show different.
Tony Reed 2
srobak 3
Soooo.... laser guided weapons have been a thing for a long time. And they are fairly cheap.

It would not take much effort or expense to modify that technology so that a plane could be equipped with a tracking system and perhaps even an infrared laser to hone-in on the point source of the laser being flashed at the plane - and either cook the offender's eyes (brutal, I know, but highly justified) - or more realistically get a highly accurate GPS location for that source, which then gets sent to federal & local law enforcement.
Ron Streetenberger 0
Please use the proper words in describing what you mean. "Hone in" is ridiculous. A hone is a fine stone used mainly for sharpening a razor. As a verb, it is used to describe the act of using a Hone. "Home in" is the proper usage to describe getting to the center of an issue or target. I cringe whenever I hear Supposedly intelligent People on T.V. use "hone in".
WhiteKnight77 2,the%20common%20man%E2%80%94%20Lisa%20Russell
Will Randolph 1
My instructor and I got hit with a red laser in a 172 - they aren't just hitting the airliners. My first instinct was that we were about to collide with another aircraft. Memphis center was busy and didn't allow a position report.
Harry Schluderberg 1
What’s the purpose, crash an airliner? That’s attempted mass murder. So if you see someone doing it shoot ‘em.
Chuck Lavazzi 1
WTF are these morons trying to accomplish? Is this terrorism or just an indication of the increasing childishness of a certain segment of our population? More importantly, is there some reliable way to detect these idiots in action and arrest them?
SmittySmithsonite 2
I don't think they even have the mental capacity to understand the gravity of what they're doing. Common sense has become a 20th century relic, unfortunately.
Vincent Mileto 1
Anyone caught doing this needs to do serious jail time. SERIOUS jail time
Ron Streetenberger 1
Anyone caught doing this should be charged with attempted mass murder and terrorism. This lily-livered Biden administration probably thinks this is just being naughty.
srobak 2
no administration to date has elevated the severity in the charges for this issue, which has existed for north of 2 decades.
Ron Streetenberger 1
You are correct sir. That is why it's so damn hard to vote. I'm a Korea vet and remember the toughness of President Truman.
bentwing60 0
So, for the keyboard cowboys here, I have commented several times on this site about being green lasered in a C650 on the L. downwind to base leg for 13 left at DAL. For the left coast impaired, that means I was in the left seat. Fortunately the beam hit the cockpit overhead and not me directly. The ATP in the other seat saw it as well and reported it to the tower. Which they acknowledged as not the first! Imagine my surprise, nothing happened and anyone with any familiarity with the part of town it came from, even back then, that went there was either a First 48 detective or lost.

Any solutions?


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