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Disruptive Jet2 Passenger Slammed With £5,000 Fine And Lifetime Ban

A Jet2 passenger has been fined £5,000 and given a lifetime ban after being aggressive towards crew members on board a flight to Turkey. ( More...

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nemosteve1080i 8
Good for Jet2!
I don't know under what flag they are registered, but this passenger should be banned on all airlines registered to that flag.
This needs to happen to all the airlines registered here in the USA. A national "no fly list" would keep these disrupters off planes.
Mike Webb 3
Agreed. Why is it taking so long for the airlines to do something so obvious and effective. Who are they afraid of upsetting?
Paying Passengers. Imagine: "They banned my son, my daughter, my great-great-grandfather .... how dare they" ... "Well, the remaining 657 members of the family will never fly on a US airline again!"
ADXbear 3
Good, if that's what it takes to stop people from a $50,000 diversion, missed connections and hotel bills for passengers because your son disrupted and or attacked another passenger or worse a crew member.
Your actions are expensive to handel unfair to fellow travelers and dangerous to the operation... so take a train or bus.. many pilotsxwant travel bans by one airline to apply to all airline's.. imhope that day comes soon.
Larry Toler 2
Banning a whole family who may not be remotely involved seems a bit harsh. It takes one bad apple to ruin a cart. Then again some apples don't fall far from the tree. Now I to eat an apple, lol.
George Lane 2
Jet2 appear to be British.
ADXbear 4
Good.. final,some teeth in these idiots punishments.. it should apply here in the USA..
James Driskell 1
Looks like she was drunker that a hoot owl, or she had a negative IQ.
Ken Jackson 1
Homo Sapiens are doomed to self destruct. Isn’t there a Stupid Virus? Do something idiotic and the only effect of the virus is that you cannot reproduce. Please, somebody create the Stupid Virus in one of those “labs”.


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