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Jet stream causing more issues for airlines

U.S. airlines are already understaffed because of COVID-19, and the weather isn't helping matters. The jet stream winds have been unusually strong for several days, affecting transcontinental flights. Those going eastbound on Wednesday were arriving up to an hour earlier than scheduled, while westbound flights were slowed down, some delayed by as much as 45 minutes. Earlier this week, the headwinds were so strong that a Phoenix-bound American Airlines flight from Boston had to stop in… ( さらに...

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avionik99 -2
You should be able to go nonstop from Boston to Phoenix without refueling. Even with a headwind but trying to save 2 lbs of fuel by not filling up?? I guess the crew really screwed up in flt planning!
Paul Miller 2
Yes, you can make that flight in one jump, but of course the flight Crews are not always the ones making the fuel amount decisions either? that can also be laid out by the company schedule office I have been informed too.
s2v8377 1
The captain has the final say on fuel. However, for something like this both the captain and dispatcher will be in trouble.
dee9bee 2
Sometimes, usually in the winter, you could fill the tanks to the brim and not have enough to complete a nonstop. If those kind of winds are forecast, a fuel stop in planned ahead of time.


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