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Lufthansa Wants To Start Making Plane Fuel From Thin Air

The Lufthansa Group plans to use electricity to generate sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), where the carbon comes from CO2 in the atmosphere. ( さらに...

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paul trubits 6
I have nineteen C02 machines in my backyard. They are called trees. Maybe we can go back to wood fired engines.
bentwing60 3
An utter and laughable green dream on steroids! "To start with, Lufthansa will take at least 25,000L of fuel per year for at least five years." LOL, 25,000L for the conversion challenged is roughly 6600 gallons of fuel. A quote from an a380 info. source says "Its maximum fuel capacity is over 85,000 gallons, or about the same as 5,300 Toyota Camrys. 6600 gallons would be taxi fuel for a couple of a380 trips!

I guess their electricity delivered for the conversion will be 'carbon free', or maybe they can 'hold over a powerplant' for a topoff'? sarc., snark, whatever, the internet is undoubtedly the haven of unfettered BS. cheers
linbb 1
Wow and soon pigs will fly, flying cars in everyone's garage, electric passenger planes flying, oh with no pax due to batteries weight, list goes on and never changes just more investor money wasted.


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