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Calgary & Area : COVID public health actions

A gentle reminder. Due to current conditions in alberta area. FYI, If you are not vaccinated, or do not have valid photo id. and proof of vaccination, certificate; please do us a favour, and stay away from the Airport & Lounge area, for departing and arriving passengers and guests, masks/faceshields are presently mandatory, even for crew, in civilian areas. Absolutely No exceptions. Alberta declared a state of public health emergency. New public health restrictions come into effect starting… ( さらに...

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Alexander Biro 2
Hi everyone, let's keep this for what it's supposed to be, an information magazine about aviation. There are plenty of other forums to politicize government regulations related to travel and vaccines, etc...very much appreciated.
Tim Dyck 2
Rules are changing so fast in Canada that no one knows what we will be expected to comply with tomorrow. The best I can say to Americans is stay safe and stay away from Canada, our politicians have all gone a little nuts lately.
Ripudaman Randhawa 2
I concur, I just follow the rules, and not make them and try to stay away from the politics, just try to keep the kids safe, especially those who cannot be vaccinated presently. FYI, CYYC, had some great lounges and fine dining places, yet with the current situation, feel its prudent to exercise caution, rather than, regret later. The reason, why I posted this gentle reminder, cause I observed, some travelers asking the concierge, to forego the regulations, while the poor man was just doing job, and following regulations. Also, I admire your beauty, miss flight attendant, with full makeup, did you forget your facemark/faceshield, on the escalator, to work. The rules are the same. I hope you understand.
cyberjet 0
I’m thankful that unlike south of the 49th, our children’s hospitals aren’t being overrun with COVID cases.
blueashflyer 1
Tim Dyck 3
LOL. Here in Canada posting support for a hockey team can end up in a heated argument. We are not as passionate about politics as the Americans but don’t mess with our hockey.
J B 1
Alberta is the poster-child for giving no-vaxxers what they want, hospital ICUs become sewers for unvaccinated COVIDs and you better not need care for anything else. My only concerns about vax mandates and restrictions are distribution and protection of data and whether (not sure of science) they ought to include medical confirmation of survivor "natural" immunity - Ontario reports half a million recovered from infections, and IF they're immune I don't mind sitting a table away or sharing a cabin or rail car with them.
Eldorado Ghostrider -4
Rip, it sounds as if you are instructing all unvaxxed to stay away from the airport altogether. What’s your reasoning behind that general post? It sounds to me like a strong racists post against someone standing with the “my body my choice’ belief. If science has proven that the vaxxed carry the virus just as much as the unvaxxed then why all the excitement and fear mongering about staying away? I can see the part of avoiding the lounge areas but you specifically mention the airport. Regular people still have to travel too..

Ripudaman Randhawa 5
I believe you might have read too much into it, its a gentle reminder, I am all for air travel, as there was a Hockey Game in town, this weekend, with the opposing city and with current regulations, in place, with the rising numbers of COVID cases, we often have scores of fans coming to the game in town, and also their local friends, who seem to loiter a bit, this is all in pre clearance; post clearance area and grounds upkeep and refueling and maintainence are OK. As per my employer, it is mandated for a 100% vaccination is mandatory, and also, we all carry certificate of vaccination, proof; or a negative test certificate, within past 14 days, thats all; I hope you didn't misconstrue, the beauty comment as racist, just an admirer of all things femme' fatale'.
Eldorado Ghostrider 1
Thanks for clarifying.
Ripudaman Randhawa 1
Thank you, and safe travels; create a great weekend.
Rico van Dijk -3
This is a global trend. Canada is late to the party, but here in the Europe, the unvaccinated are treated like the jews in 1939 and the black in the ‘60s.
cyberjet 2
Oh please, let’s knock it off with the hyperbole.
Rico van Dijk -2
It’s not, I’ve been banned from all public places because I refuse to show my medical records to them. It’s nonsense to make vaccinations compulsory, you only protect your self with it. The rest is just population control and a hype. Oh and by the way I’m pro vax, just anti total government control.
SorenTwin 3
Then it's clear where the real problem lies.
Kennet Benoit-Hutchins 5
Disagreeing with someone who is either vaccinated or not vaccinated is not racism. Cheeeeee


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